ESA Tribunal WON but decision notice wrong?

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ESA Tribunal WON but decision notice wrong?

Postby strife » Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:01 pm

Hi everyone,
I had my tribunal yesterday, and to my surprise I won. I went with my mum and represented myself, and was totally unprepared as I had got the wrong date. After being awarded a big fat 0 points by the Atos medical, the Judge and Doctor yesterday awarded me 21 points..... or so I thought. I was so amazed at the decision I didnt really look at the notice.... until I got home.

Firstly I am wondering if they have made a mistake on the way the points were allocated from my research on line, would appreciate any comments?

the two I'm querying are:- 15 (c) - 6 points and 16 (c) - 6 points.

when I've looked for the (c's) on both 15 and 16 its actually 9 points each? so I am unaware if they actually meant (d) which is 6 points or did mean (c) which is 9? confused.

It also said I have been placed in the wrag, which horrifies me! and doesnt make much sense if they have really given me 15 and 16 (c) by their definition? Surely I should have been put in the support group?

It also says," No Schedule 3 descriptors" - I have no idea what this means? anyone?

I understand I should not expect any money for the forseeable future, but I havent had any since April anyway so thats no change, but I do feel vindicated after being made to feel like a fraud.

Just wondering if they have messed up and I need to do something on a 'point of law' or something? or am I completely wrong? :crazy:
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Re: ESA Tribunal WON but decision notice wrong?

Postby isitme » Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:20 pm

don;t know about the individuall points as along time since i won my tribunal.

but 15 just gets you entitled to esa then i think they decide which group yuuou are in but i don;t know how.

i won tribunal then told no money as only income based but wasn't entitled on that basis.

:-) :-)
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