ATOS visit today how long til brown envelope???

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ATOS visit today how long til brown envelope???

Postby happychicken » Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:32 pm


Would like to hear your experiences.....

Saw a very nice lady from ATOS at my home today, was feeling really weak as IBS and headaches were bad and feeling weak from pain.

Any how she was asking alot about counselling I had 7 years ago around the time my symptoms began, she asked about my panic attacks, I am hoping that they are not putting my diagnosis down to depression, little untrusting of her really.

She asked me to stand and I was weak from feeling ill last night. My husband helped me up from the sofa and held me up. She said sit down you are obviously not ok, after checking where my back pain is. She did not see how I walk.

Anyone else had similar or can shed some light.

How long is the wait for the brown envelope after a visit from atos.

Love and gentle hugs fibro pals xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Re: ATOS visit today how long til brown envelope???

Postby diane1 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:36 pm

Happy chicken

I saw an atos DR at home on a monday and got the brown envelope on thursday with good news. I think having the medical at home so they can see you in your own enviroment helps as they can see how you cant do certain things without help. Its easy for people to fake things in a drs office but at home you do things you do every day so are less likey to put things on.

Ill keep my :fingerscrossed: crossed for you but im sure youl get the right result.

Take care and dont stress out.

Does an elephant with fibro fog ever forget ?
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