0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

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0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby Tantalus » Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:52 pm

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well.

The last two weeks have been utterly horrific for me. My ESA has been stopped as I scored 0 points on my ATOS assessment. Understandably this shook me up a fair bit, my boyfriend stayed with me, kept me calm and we've got all the forms through to appeal but then on Tuesday I received a letter telling me that my DLA has been ceased due to the ATOS assessment report. I instantly had a major panic attack and was contemplating how to cease my life. My boyfriend got me down to A+E where I spent a lot of time sat in a tiny room, rocking back and forward waiting for the crisis team. I was seen by them and discharged.

I am currently very very unwell, both mentally and physically. My fibro has flared up big time. I can hardly move without pain. My clothes hurt me. Mentally I am a wreck, I am very at risk to myself but thankfully my boyfriend is closely looking after me.

I'm so scared though, I've got no income at all now. It's very likely I'll lose my home and vehicle. I'm really panicking a lot, I have 11p change in my back pocket and that's all the money I have to my name.

We've got Citizen's Advice involved now so I hope things will sort out soon. It's just so nice for DWP to kick me while I was already down.

From the assessment report I can tell they do not understand the full implications of fibromyalgia on a person. They really don't have a clue.

If anyone knows anyone from DWP please thank them for ruining my life and sending me into relapse.

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Re: 0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby Atom » Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:42 pm

Hello Tantalus.

Atos are a bunch of planks and they are about as much use as a chocolate tea set :lol:

They want you to feel helpless and hate it when you fight back against them. What you need to do is use all of the anger/energy that you feel towards these cretins in a positive manner.

1. Ask your boyfriend to help you write a complaint to Atos and push it all the way.

2. Phone the DWP and request that you speak to the decision maker who acted on the Atos information and inform them of how you feel. Tell them of your A&E visit and the thoughts that you have had about ending your life.

3. Log, log and log every contact that you have with these lying s***s. Check out my thread: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=13057

Don't ever give up and never give in.

Kind regards.
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Re: 0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby babajane32 » Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:30 pm

18+ months ago dla refused, appealed..was totally stitched up by appeal comittee,(asked my gp if I was missing something..e.g was I realistic in appllying..he said definately! went tier 2, refused immediately..been waiting 18 weeks for esa....so much for 13 week assessment, re applied dla...still no descision (3 months along) cant help feeling dla are waiting for esa to refuse me to use the same argument! Whole busness got my fibro so bad can;t think most days which is godsend as what i think when i can is frightening! My only light is that so many of us are being dumped on from a great hight (ta dwp and government for chucking us all in garbage can) that something somehwere will have to give and things will change ...surely they must?!?! I fought for years to keep going with no help..worked sellf employed for many many years cos going out to work was impossible..finally can't even manage that and i get nada!! oh well, it took gps 30+ years to even diagnose me, can hardly expect dwp to do anything different sighhhhhhhhhhhh!!
But keep the faith.......if Karma exists the dwp decision makers ,atos and most of the gov will all have firbo shortly!
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Re: 0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby Tantalus » Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:38 pm

Thank you for your comments.

My partner wants me to go to the local press to kick up some extra fuss and get some awareness about fibromyalgia on the go. I'm almost willing to do it but I don't know whether it is a good idea.

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Re: 0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby rowan » Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:56 pm

I don't understand how they can stop your DLA because even people who are working and on no other benefits can get it? I would ask them for an explanation about that becasue it doesn't sound right.
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Re: 0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby lornajhughes » Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:22 pm

get social work involved, call local social work epartment and ask for a holistic needs assessment and also ask for an occupational therapy assessment, a housing assessment and get you Gp to refer you to a specialist, rheumatology or psycholgost for chronic illness coping skills course, also ask for hydro therapy and a physio referral its all part of rehabilitation medicine, get all of these specialists and therapists to write you a letter to support you case including your GP. it will add weight to your case with ESA and also DLA
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0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby toplessbug » Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:52 am

I can't believe how many people are being given 0 points now.
I'm still waiting on my appeal for ESA.
My dla have to reapply for.

Good luck everyone. Lets hope we get some good answers soon xxx

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Re: 0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby *Lisa* » Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:28 am

Oh jeeez! :yikes:

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

Im glad you have come here for some help as most of us have been thro hell with the DWP/ATOS and we can help advice you. Lots of great replies so far :-D

You have one month to appeal the decision, the DLA worked quick! :yikes: im very suprised to hear they pulled your award so sharply! You will have to call them nd say you are appealing because if you win then the DLA need to re-instate award! hopefully they will hold back until a dcision has been made or not pay and see what happens :dunno: also you need an explaintion to why they have pulled the DLA away as ESA is your limitation for work yet the DLA is for mobility & care needs and as said above you can be working full time and claim the components. Its a twisted contridictive system!

You will also need to call ESA for all the documents/information to the points scoring and what they have put to see why dla have also withdrawn! then work on those areas which effected the moneys by facts and evidence and as many back up support letters as you can like said above you can also seek support from an OT (occupational therapist) / social services who will come out to access you.

Ask for a GP report and any therapists/professionals you see for additional back up.

Maybe boyfriend can also do a report of your daily life (may not help but worth a go, hit them with everything you have!) grab a copy of th hospital report that you just been to another piece of evidence re mental health.

Whilst on appeal they should still pay you a rate! i hope all goes well. long big fight ahead one which will drain you but having CAB will help alot they know of many recources to support you as sadly its becoming very commen for people to become in this situation :(

Iv had my fair share of crap along the years just dont give up and keep fighting! :goodluck1: :goodluck1: :goodluck1:
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Re: 0 point, all benefits stopped and then I go insane

Postby jackie 35 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:06 am

im going through the samething how can i work if i have not even got the bloody energe to press buttons
jackie 35
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