Home visit from benefits office

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Re: Home visit from benefits office

Postby millymoodoo » Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:28 pm


I was just wondering how you got on last thursday with your DWP visit? I really hope everything went ok for you and it was them just checking that you are on the correct money. Its always worrying when someone like this decides to pay you a visit and you cant help but worry. They must get thousands of people ringing in to report suspected fraud and its people like us that suffer because of it especially when it is malicious. I have had people say to me how well i look because i have plenty of colour what they dont understand is that i have plenty of colour because i get so very hot which is very uncomfortable, where sweat drips down my body and my hair is wet from it. Ignorant people have no idea how we feel and basically go on what they see and are really not interested in what we say when they make such comments. I think that if someone rings in to ?? report suspected fraud then they should have no option than to leave their details there shouldnt be such thing as annonymous calls. Lives are left in turmoil when they are reported and the stress just adds to our problems. If you have a broken arm or leg for instance they can see it but for fibro or any other disability that cant be seen people just dont understand.

I really hope all is well and that your meeting wasnt anything horrible for you!!

Take care
Milly xxx :-D :hugs:
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