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Postby nadders2004 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:49 pm

Evening everyone, Hope everyone is doing well.

This is just a little post really about my DLA claim that i sent off for 2 weeks ago.
Within the week of sending it off they sent me a letter saying that they recieved it ok and that they were loonging into it, then i received another letter last week saying that they have requested a report from my GP to help with their investigating. I have to see my specialist next wednesday 7th nov, so i dont know why they have asked my gp when the gp's dont have all the correct information yet as i havent even seen my specialist yet?! quite annoying so i called them today and requested for them to wait untill i saw the specialist. She asked me if i had written it in my notes that i sent in, which i did more than once . So she has sent an email requesting that they wait on making a decision untill they have all the CORRECT information from the specialist. i also told them about my terriable 4 hour tescos trip that should have only took 30 mins i was having a nosey down the toys isle for some christmas prescent for my daughters and all of a sudden, myback started to spaz out and i couldnt move. 30 mins i was stuck like a statue lol i have to laugh otherwise i will cry. i also told them about my new meds that i have been put on.

anyone else had this problem with them being impacient and wanting to get claims done sooners rather than later???

Nadine xx
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Postby Treece » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:06 am

I have to say my experience of DLA is one of a drawn out process.

I am currently on appeal for my DLA, I recently won my ESA appeal and my DLA was turned down based on the ESA medical (the only evidence looked at other than my claim form). My solicitor advised the DWP that as the ESA medical has been 'set aside' and that was the only reason they gave for turning down my claim, that she wants them to revise their decision and give highest rate care and high rate mobility. My DLA appeal is November 7th... looks like an important date for both of us.

You can request that they write to your consultant, however when you see him/her, ask to be copied into the letter sent to your GP... this is good evidence to keep if you need to go to appeal. Hope for the best, plan for the worse!

Good luck. :roll:

I do not shop now, ebay and shopping on line is how I try to get my bargains... I forget what its like to 'shop' my mobility is awful now

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Postby miller » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:55 am

i had exactly the same as you , letter saying recieved my claim , letter saying they were contacting docs , i too was seeing a specialist last week but did not think as quick as you and ask them to delay :cry: so this morning i got a letter saying i am not getting anything at all i dont really know what they are baseing there conclusion on as reasons were so incorrect and rubbish. Needless to say i will be on phone again tomorrow fibro willing :crazy: :( . hope you have a better outcome .
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Postby Roseofsharon » Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:06 am

My experience was a drawn out process also. I had several letters saying they were looking at my claim. THen they said they were contacting my GP and Specialists, but made their decision before receiving their replies and based their decision on my ESA medical - which was set aside at appeal. I had to write to them pointing out that the ESA medical was set aside at appeal and to request that they contact my GP and Specialist. I then a few months later received my DLA approval letter.
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Postby isitme » Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:46 pm


without being downtrodden,
in my exerpience telling them you went to tescos - especially for 4 hoours wont give you much hope of getting mobility don;t know about carers allowance.

i have it in writing got refused for shopping and do stuff with my child. and that was at tribunal as well.

seems if you are able to walk at all in my case to teh car and back you wont get anything anymore or use your brain to string and sentence together - as i appeared pretty stable at the tribunal!!!!!!

be careful what yoou say and how you say it - you think you are giving them a good explanation of seomthiing then they turn it around.
in future i will jjust be answering yes/no and not elaborate on anything.
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