ESA wrag to support going to appeal now

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ESA wrag to support going to appeal now

Postby pixiecat » Sat Nov 10, 2012 4:01 pm

Just got my letter from dwp saying they looked again and dont think I fit into the support group but did get a bit of info that I didnt know

1st - wrag group is only for 2 years max support group is 3 years max then you have to fill in forms again

2nd - even if you get 15 points or more you still only get wrag group, you need to then fit in what they call discriptors ie you cant walk 50 mtrs without stopping cos os pain etc but I dont know how many of these you need.

I must admit getting the forms back has knocked me sideways and I was just feeling like I was managing to crawl out of a deep hole and now I've been knocked back down it :cry:

Just hope welfare rights can help shed some light on it on monday.


Re: ESA wrag to support going to appeal now

Postby zappa20 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:25 am

Think it's been especially designed by the DWP to be so utterly confusing.. You can score 35 points and still be put in the WRAG group, and loads of people are initially totally baffled by how this works.

There's a seperate set of very specific Support Group Decriptors which includes those many people know of people with terminal illness, pregnant women past a certain term etc etc.

But within the normal ESA questionnaire , there's a number of descriptors which score 15 points in their own right. Some but not all of them count as Support Group criteria. If you meet just 1 of these single 15 pointers which count it's enough. eg. Not being able to mobilise the 50 metres ,not being able to get from one seat to another without assistance from another person is another etc.

The welfare rights advisor should be able to keep you right. Good luck with your appeal.
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