Form LT54

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Form LT54

Postby Atom » Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:07 pm

I noticed an interesting reply with regard to this article in the Guardian: ... t-19411481

The article relates to the Peoples Review of the WCA, which is very interesting in itself, and one of the replies states that you have a right to see form LT54. Said form is apparently details what evidence, usually none, that the DWP decision maker has considered with regard to your ESA claim.

Might be of use as it will be another weapon in your arsenal. I will definitely be requesting it when it's my turn again, especially after the problems of the last one.
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Re: Form LT54

Postby babajane32 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:20 pm

Another interesting comment was made about medical proffessionals should be struck off......had a similar convo with a fellow fm sufferer....wondered if an atos unprofessional...sorry proffessional, for e.g a qualified nurse said you were fit to work (despite possible contravining your basic human rights and breaching equality laws/ which i would say is so if a fellow disabled person got prefferantial or lesser treatment than you beacuse they live in adifferent town/saw different assessor/got passed without evidance etc etc) ...anyway to point, shoulld you then suffer distress to the piint of harming ,wanting to harm yourself or taking a deteriation in health as a result of the stress etc, especially if at appeal the decision was overturned.....surely this porfessional has not acted within the medical ethic of preserving life /doing no harm etc.....................maybe time of everyone badly effected submitted complaints to the medical authority they would have to take steps as 100's of 1000's of complaints would reak havoc!!! I'm suprised GPs dont realise they're being seriously undermined and set up for sidelining.....................a gp writes a not fit for work note and a nurse decides its not worth the paper its written on........
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Re: Form LT54

Postby Treece » Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:28 pm

my gp was happy to give me a sick note until i failed the ESA medical... then he sent my records to an independent gp in another practice and we agreed that if this gp backed my gp he would carry on giving me sick notes. apparently the government has built in a clause that if a gp gives someone a sick note and the appeal goes against them the gp's have to be able to protect themselves from prosecution. 2 x gp's, 4 consultants and OT and a physiotherapist all said i was not fit for work... the ATOS nurse said i was... it took 20 months to get to appeal and as I announced on here recently, I won and I am in support group.

I think its disgusting that ATOS gets away with this behaviour. I agree we should ALL write letters of complaint... but hang on, if they have to answer our complaints would that delay others getting their outcomes.... maybe we should all be writing to our MP's and/or PM.... or what about an online petition that can be submitted to the House of Parliament? (does anyone know how?)

rant over!

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