ESA take the micky

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ESA take the micky

Postby Jo Owen » Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:30 pm

I won my ESA appeal last wednesday after a stressful year when they stopped my money on the 26th November 11, i'd had no letter warning me and didn't find out until my money was supposed to go in the first week of December, Merry Christmas love DWP!!!! I phoned them and was told that i had failed my medical and was fit for work but i could appeal, i asked them to send the paperwork as soon as possible but it didn't turn up until January, i didn't receive any money apart from my DLA of £78 per month until February.

Having won now i rang them today to ask for proof of benefit and also what will happen now i had won, i was told it takes a few weeks to sort out before i will be on the correct amount again. How come they can stop your money immediatley but it takes weeks to give you back what they owe you. They really must hate the thought of me having a half decent Christmas. Not only do i have to suffer this chronic pain, exhaustion and depression, they have to make you worry about money too! Oh, and the proof of income is because of debt due to not being able to pay my utility bills that built up because of not having any money for two months.
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Re: ESA take the micky

Postby Treece » Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:22 pm

oh i do feel for you.

i was one of the first impacted on when the law changed in May... since then i have been on £40 per week... i won my appeal over 3 weeks ago and I rang today ESA tell me they still havent been told. I got a right nasty piece of work ring me back ... attitude or what.... she was making out i was lying because my case is still showing at appeal... no chance of the money coming through before the new year... I asked if i could be put back on the basic level until it was sorted out. NO. .. its really hard not to respond with the same negativity as they give out.

I have over £1,000 debt due to low income... its not just me that suffers its my kids.. they watch me going up and down with illness and stress and now the rise and fall of the DWP system!

Hope they get their act together quickly for you and they do sort it before Christmas xxx
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ESA take the micky

Postby toplessbug » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:17 am

I feel for you both.
My ESA got stopped on 8 sept, again I failed medical and told I could work (yeah right).
Anyway appealed, got told in mid oct I'd won. Got my arrears yesterday and my money goes back to normal next payday.

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Re: ESA take the micky

Postby Mazz64 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:26 pm

I was told the dwp have 28 days to appeal the decision the tribunal made, but its very rare for them to do this.
i won mine on the 6th of Nov and phoned them on friday he said they had received the decision on the tuesday, but its sent to them the day the decision is made so where it has been in between i don't know, anyway he said it should be in my account this week but i wont hold my breath.

I'm still looking at the form for dla wondering if i should fill it in or not, not sure i can cope with the stress of it all so soon after the ESA

hope you get your money very soon

take care everyone
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