ESA appeal and DLA

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ESA appeal and DLA

Postby Ckirsty » Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:33 pm

Since my Atos medical a year ago I have been fighting to be put into the support group. I have an appeal in to go to tribunal , but have been told that I will have to wait another 9 months for this! I am in the Wrag group. I have other medical conditions apart fron Fibromyalgia, including a balance problem and uncontrolled Pernicious anaemia. It is obvious that I cannot work, or even attend appointments at the Jobcentre, without someone being with me.
At the time of my assessment and appeal I was on lower DLA for both. Now I have been reassessed and been awarded higher mobility and middle care allowance. This is for an indefinite period.
Should this award have any bearing on my appeal to be placed in the support group? Surely the fact that medical evidence from more qualified professionals than the people who make the Atos decisions , says that Im incapable of work should overrule their initial decision?
Has anyone had a similar experience? I really could do without the stress that all of this is putting me through. It's bad enough having to come to terms with my deteriorating health.
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Re: ESA appeal and DLA

Postby gary15871 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:05 pm

i have just been thru this and out come is i was put into support group appeal had been going for 13 months when i was calld into job centre for wrag interview i was told by case worker to appeal again as lots had changed in this time and to also get a report from gp which i did at cost if £20 to me sent in appealform to super seed the appeal already in system and forwarded the doctors report 2 weeks later when i had recieved it 2 weeks after this i got a letter from appeals saying that job centre had revised the dission and it was a more favourable one nnow got to wait another 6 weeks for that to be processed
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Re: ESA appeal and DLA

Postby migrembe » Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:03 pm

It took me 12 months and 2 medicals to get ESA support and 8 months to get HRM and LRC from DLA.
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