I am really struggling

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I am really struggling

Postby Tantalus » Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:58 pm

Hey everyone,

How do people get through this whole benefits appeal thing? I'm almost dying here. My DLA is going to a tribunal (haven't got a date yet) and lord only knows what's happening with my ESA.

The whole situation has really knocked me off a cliff and made sure I hit every jagged rock on the way down :(

I've had flare up after flare up. Everything hurts. I can't sleep at night due to restless legs so I'm extra exhausted all the time too.

I keep getting ill. A cold. A chest infection. An ear infection. Even bacteria realises I'm an easy target right now.

My mental health is worse than ever. I feel so low. Not even my boyfriend can cheer me up :(

Because of all this ceasation of benefits I'm very likely to lose my home and be homeless in the new year.

I've no money, no food and no health. I do wonder if there's a point anymore.

I went to see my Dad about what to do about money. His solution? Stop being disabled. Thanks Dad. That really helped a lot. As if I don't get that enough from the people who don't know any better.

Any advice? I don't want to be this miserable crippled git for much longer.
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Re: I am really struggling

Postby 0710Carol » Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:28 pm

my Dad was pretty much the same ... he said it's simple, get out there and get a job! ... it's hurtful and frustrating to get a response like that! I'm going through pretty much the same and feeling so deflated and lonely, wondering what the future holds and is it all really worth it?!! but my six year old daughter is all that keeps me going, I'm all she has as her Dad doesn't bother. but the constant struggle and the flares we suffer through all the financial worries and stress puts us under!
there's a group on f/b that will help with benefits stuff, they've been helpful to me in the past, hopefully they can do the same for you ... "ME 'Welfare Benefits' Advice and Support Group" ... good luck with it all and keep your chin up xx
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Re: I am really struggling

Postby fruity72 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:42 pm

Sorry to hear you are going through this, you aren't alone though as a lot of people are going through the same, me included. Have you got anyone helping with your benefit appeals? Welfare rights at Social Work Dept or Citizens Advice Bureau? They can help with filling in forms, you should never do this yourself, and they can represent you at appeal.

When you say you will lose your home, does this mean you have a mortgage? Even if you go for a medical for ESA and then have to appeal you will still get the assessment phase rate of 71 a week, not a lot but it is something. If you have a mortgage you may be able to get help paying the interest part of it, go to your local CAB and get a benefit check to make sure you are getting all that you should including housing and council tax benefit.

Don't give up, good luck x
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Re: I am really struggling

Postby shazq » Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:49 pm

Hi Tantalus

I have moved your post into the DWP,working & Benefits section you might get more hits & help here. :goodluck1:
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Re: I am really struggling

Postby dimfunsize » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:21 pm

been through it all, if you want to private message me I will tell you on how I managed to get through that horrible time.
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Re: I am really struggling

Postby masonsbarms » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:22 pm

hi tantulas, sorry i cant advise you on benafits, as im fortunate to still be able to work,

but with regards your health have you been to see your gp and told him just how you are feeling and that you have no money for food.

if you arent getting enough norishment you will be so run down you will be catching everything going, sureley they cant leave you without food.

all the stress isnt good ( i know you already get that) but try and make a list of things to get sorted in order of priority, if you have debts get help from cab to get payments reduced or put on hold,

with regards to your dad try not to let that get you to wound up some people will never understand how bad you feel unless they can see how ill you are, sad but true (my mum dosent get it)

i know what iv said isnt much help but knowing people care always helps me.

hope you get help soon,

take care xx
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Re: I am really struggling

Postby marianne p » Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:56 pm

hi everyone,feel like pulling my hair out ,esa have changed me to wrag group!! i have fibro and borderline personality disorder,i have to go to an appointment next week!! they asked me if i had a cv !! i thought yeah very funny,some mornings i dont want to get up because of the pain and i sometimes wake up a few times in the night,i can not cope with places that i do not know or noisy or bright lit places as i can not take in what people are saying to me,i have put in an appeal!! just hope they see sense,marianne p :pull-hair: :too-upset:
marianne p
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