WRAG back to work schemes!

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WRAG back to work schemes!

Postby *Lisa* » Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:51 pm

This topic is on behalf of a fibro friend who has given me full permission to go ahead with the information and details below.

My friend not only has fibromyalgia but also been diagnosed with CFS and a few mental health disorders effecting there every day life and any ability to work. They have had fibro now for over 20years and is dibilitated each day by there conditions.

Luckily they were put onto ESA but in the WRAG group by having a medical after a change over from IB by a doctor of 30 years in work who repeatidly insisted that fibromyalgia was a mental health disorder!

After the awful medical came a jobcentre (JC) interview which in many cases is standerd.

The JC man (not medicaly trained) decided my friend HAD capabilities to work and so TOLD my friend they needed to decide what they wanted to do for work or study (courses) or moneys would be sanctioned (new law)

Feeling like they had no choice and needing moneys desperatly they had to agree to something. The JC man quoted ** The government need to see your doing something as they dont want anyone sitting around on there arses!**

the only thing my friend felt maybe they could do is work from home as that way they could sleep/lay down as and when needed but still the concentration and many other issues were against them.

Few days later an interview was made with a back to work scheme called SEETEC (based in another town) which they had to attend yet again with the threat of being sanctioned!

My friend attended thinkin they were going to talk about working from home or at least discuss that really and truely they wasnt fit at all!!

Instead in the room was my friend and another person for the same interview whom they had both never seen each other before but had to discuss personal and confidential information about themselves to the person doing the interview.

SEETEC wanted them both to sign up for a REHAB WORKS course which was for 2 years! one day a week. If you did not attend twice in a year whether it be to health or not you would be sanctioned! They repeatidily pressured them to sign up for the course but both refused! and to any one valnrable they both agreed they would have sucked them in to this.

Information on the 2 yrs course below (can only pick out some info as lots here) :-

The course is made up with ....

fit for work and a health assessment
fit for work programme
in work support

people who are suitable are :-

chronic back pain and sciatica
neck pain
frozen shoulder and upper limb conditions
chronic fatigue syndrome
rhumatology problems
degenerative changes
post operational conditions
stress/depression and anxiety

You will be assessed by there occupational therapist or there physio to see how *FIT* you are to assess what capabilities you have for work.

*quote* Many people stop working due to *common* health problems which can be...
Mental health conditions such as stress or depression
Muscle and joint conditions such as back pain or whiplash
heart and chest conditions such as blood pressure and asthma.

All of us suffer one or more of these kinds of problems as some point in our lives. These conditions can certainly be distressing and may make life difficault, but there is usualy no serious disease or lasting damage.

The work health programme runs for 3 and half hours once a week for 6 weeks this part of the course will build your skills and confidence and *manage* your health conditions at work!

Additional sessions :-


This is a 2 and half hour seminar for people with persistant pain. This is a FUN interactive timefor people with fibromyalgia/CFS/chronic whiplash, back pain and arthritis.....

You will learn about why pain persists and how it causes changes to the brain, your energy, your sleep and sensitivity to your tissues amd more :-?

You will hear some painful yarns about other peoples pain problems and how there effected. This seminar will help you understand what different treatments for chronic pain, can offer and help you decide what you should try to take control of your problem!! :-?

Theres also talks on Teaching you how to look after your body whilst at work so you can PREVENT aches and pains

Training to rebuild your fitness to do active and manual work :shock: and to rebuild your flexibility (HUH) and strength in your arms and legs, trunk muscles to increase your work tolerance.

Also talks on *keeping fit in the office* if your at a sat down job its a seminar that will teach you how to look after your body in the office to prevent aches and pains and to teach you how to keep yourself FIT TO SIT :roll: :roll:

Then once this is all acheived they put you out to find employement. Failure to attend the course or go by there rules means sanctioning!.

What people in the WRAG need to be aware of is that you CAN decline and not sign BUT you will need to go back to the JC to see about other options or your money will be sanctioned so now my friend has to return to the JC :roll:

DO NOT be bullied into any course / work scheme you feel you are unable to do /achieve and ask for other options.

The government have back us all in a corner and if we dont go by there rules no matter the situation then moneys be sanctioned or lost!

Valnrable people and people with mental health disorders mainly are the ones who will suffer the most with the pressure of the government. So many already have taken there lives.

We all know that you cannot prevent aches and pains having fibro, you may be able to prevent a flare in some cases but we will always have some form of pain going on!

We also cannot *control* symptoms and everyday being differnt in many cases you will not know if you can attend the course. The course is up to 3 and half hours a day. With severe all over body pain and chronic fatigue many will not be able to sit thro such a course which you will be sanctioned for if you cannot/do not attend.

Being assesed by a random OT or physio who does not know you or your whole medical background is another worry. Also everyone is different but they seem to tie each person with the same brush.

If the DWP are using money and recourses to get you *fit* then why dont the NHS put in these types of help? :-? cause they know its money wasted cause we aint gonna get better!!! *QUOTE*... NHS do not fund any physiotherapy for fibromyagia (after your 6 week induction course) as its an illness that CANNOT be cured!!!..... there all condricting one another!!! :banghead:
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Re: WRAG back to work schemes!

Postby denys » Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:58 pm

Thanks Lisa, the bullying tactics are disgraceful and all to achieve unrealistic targets :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Re: WRAG back to work schemes!

Postby FluppyPuffy » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:24 pm

Thank you for this Lisa, I know it will have taken you a lot to get this on here for us to share :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

The lengths these "people" will go to, all because they have targets to meet, are shocking :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: And there's no consideration for the individual in any of it. Just because a number of people suffer with the same illness/condition, it doesn't mean that they all suffer with it in the exact same way.

Hopefully, reading about what your friend had to endure will help others who find themselves being pressured into courses, training etc find that little bit of strength to say NO :nono: :nono: :nono:
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