Letter from work! What should I think?

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Re: Letter from work! What should I think?

Postby Iceskatemum » Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:12 pm

Hi Countryfan, so glad you have at least got your sick leave sorted , At least thats one stressor out of the way.

As for work I would inform them of the sick line and thats it , say nothing more about your diaries etc ...they are there as an aid memoir for you ...nothing else ...should your boss get to know the content of your diaries I'm sure there will be someone /something that will apear to put a different slant on things . ( Sorry been through a similar situation and am totally cynical of the whole tackling bullying in the workplace thing . I tried to be as open & honest in a similar situation as I could but it seems others do not always play by the same moral code).

I know its easy to say but try not to worry about the surgery....try and put in place plans for your time in hospital and also for when you are just home. Not sure what support you have but even if there is a houseful its always a good idea to put a few dinners in the freezer, ( Just cook a bigger batch betwen now & then & place extra in freezer) that way when you are in hospital and folk are running up & down to see you there is something there to just reheat. Similarly have a few ready for when your back home, either full family size or just single portion size. From experience I've found that after surgery my appetite is all over the place and I sometimes fancy something for dinner after everyone else has had thiers ....or is it just I'm awkward :lol:

If you are house proud (I'm not ) recuperating in a house that isn't just up to standard can result in stress. To cope with that try and make a list of the five most important chores that you feel must be done by someone else during your recuperation . Too many and you will get no one bothering with anything. That way you know the most important tasks around the house are being kept up to date and so again your stress level might be less.

I'm sure others have other suggestions but take care and hope things go well for you .
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