DLA Appeal Tomorrow - not expecting to sleep much!

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Re: DLA Appeal Tomorrow - not expecting to sleep much!

Postby ZooStar » Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:02 pm

I've just received confirmation from the DWP that my appeal was refused.

They managed to receive the decision
Apparently there is such this as a 'Set Aside' on a decision if the tribunal admin centre failed to send the panel evidence in time for the hearing. If this is accepted I will be granted another hearing, otherwise I will be requesting a statement of reasons....

The medical evidence really is overwhelming as I said before and I just don't see how they are able to overlook that.
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Re: DLA Appeal Tomorrow - not expecting to sleep much!

Postby debbie41 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:11 pm

hiya zoostar i have recieved my appeal date for 19th march but luckily i am in scotland so cab will be there to represent me. i have sent a support letter from my partner/fulltime carer also doctors reports and occupational therapy reports. i was recieving high rate care and mobility for 3 yrs with no medicals and when i renewed in aug 2012 i was mucked about and eventually had a medical at home 1 wk before my dla run out, the "doctor" who done the medical wrote the exact opposite of i what i had answered also commenting on what motability car i had, a honda civic, saying it had bucket seats and was very low, implying i had some sort of sports car which it wasn't. i'm disgusted in the things written about saying i can walk 90m in 1 and half mins, my walking is so slow and very poor and now my motability car has been taken off me i have to use a wheel chair to go anywhere now. i have fibromyligia cfs chronic pain along with heart problems depression asthma. these tribunals can be very stressful and i am not looking forward to mine, when are they going to understand more about these illnesses and believe when we are filing in the the already confusing dla papers that we are telling the truth!!! it about time the caught up with the ones who are getting dla but are out every weekend and only use there sticks and put on such an act that they are ill when there is nothing wrong with them. i have a stairlift, electric bed, bed supports, grab rails in the toilet and at front door, a walking stick, a wheeled walking frame, and nw a wheelchair, also i am getting a no level walk in wet room fitted as i cant get in and out a bath and have to wash at the side of the bath. this is very embarassing as am 41 yrs old and have a 19yr old and 7yr old daughter, and my youngest doesn't remember me being fun mummy only ill mummy. i hope and pray that you can get the result you need and wil keep a look out for further developments on your appeals/decision. xxxx
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