Have had ATOS assessment today!Treat you like an idiot!!!

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Have had ATOS assessment today!Treat you like an idiot!!!

Postby janderhip » Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:40 pm

I have been for my 3 month assessment with Atos today as been signed off with PMR and possibly Fibromyalgia as well. I was in there for just over 10 minutes and felt like my intelligence and rights as a human had been insulted.
The assessor spent more time asking what I watched on TV,asking my hobbies(none of which I can do anymore),whether I had a mobile phone and could if I use it, also who was on the throne,the date, and what big sporting event happened last year! Also tried to catch me out on whether I did voluntary work, had friends to visit and cooked them food, whether I went out at night and did bingo or karaoke(i nearly laughed at that suggestion). Not much emphesis on how much pain I was in, and all my other symptoms.
I see my GP tomorrow and will let her know how ATOS treats people(think animals would get better treatment). It felt like it was an interrigation. Anyway good luck to anyone else going to see ATOS.
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Re: Have had ATOS assessment today!Treat you like an idiot!!!

Postby BlueBerry » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:32 pm

great bit type you did there lisa I must rember read it sometime as every year I go thought this with atos :-x :-x

Don't worry jander they do this everyone first time I had my test I was shock what they as me was so ehhh like I can do that and what hell has have a dog or tv got to do with my illness but like you say it catch you out see if you more mobile then you said on the tick box sheet.

I wonder what going happen with this damn universal credit will these test get worse or just more stupid But i wish you good luck I am just happen doctor that came my house realised that no way in my health I could work but I mad a bit bo bo when I went to toilet with out my mam s help god he could see my chair was so padded and so many cushion help me sit there and stool that I was comfortable ahhh oh well.

Wish you look and hope you don't have go thought dreaded appeal I hate go thought that again 18 months of hell :crazy: :crazy:
Image Pingo is my middle name :lol:
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