Atos: I need urgent advice please :o(

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Atos: I need urgent advice please :o(

Postby Ribbonsrabbit » Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:02 am

I was supposed to attend an atos assessment on sunday in central London. My psychodynamic therapist wrote a letter to say I could not travel on public transport due to my complex health issues but the fax number they gave me did not work. Sunday morning came, I did not sleep all night and had a massive panic attack and called them and said I couldnt attend.... The receptionist said she would rearrange the appointment but as I was trying to explain to her, it didnt matter when the appointment was, I just couldnt physically do it.... she put the phone down on me 3 times.

Sunday night my back 'went' and I knew I had sustained an injury and ended up in hospital all day monday and after seeing goodness knows how many doctors and however many tests I am now being referred to an orthopaedic doctor for an MRI.
My back spasms are directly related to my FM and stress. I believe my injury was not a coincidence.

Today I got a letter from atos and it also had DWPs headings. It said I had not attended my appointment and failed to inform them so if I did not complete the form on the back then they would stop my money. They put the wrong date on the letter. While I write this I am drugged up to the eyeballs.

I did not attend the appointment on sunday because I have severe OCD and I cannot explain the intense fear.
Now because I have sustained an injury to my back I cant get dressed without screaming. Theres no way on Gods earth I can travel.
I have a good gp who would support me and my therapist is actually a very well qualified psychiatrist and he too would support me. I have a social worker who is helping me and then I could also get supplementary evidence from the hospital but that was all the day after the appointment. I have a rhuematologist who recently diagnosed me with FM and arthritis and she would likely support me but I am time limited in responding to the letter and do not know which professional would be the most appropriate to ask for supporting evidence.

What documents they need I am assuming is a supporting letter and I have good people around me but who should I get this from?
I am terrified they will stop my money. They are a law unto themselves. Last time I had a professor, one of the top professors in Europe, tell them I couldnt work and my gp who is also a surgeon said the same and the government appointed physio asked me if I could touch my toes. I have extreme hypermobility so I said I can put my ankle behind my neck but what the hell does that matter if I cannot get out of bed?

Anyways, who should I ask for supporting evidence for the panic attack which meant I could not go sunday and then sunday nights back injury now means I cant travel so what now?

Help :o(
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Re: Atos: I need urgent advice please :o(

Postby helenduffield » Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:41 am

Honey, you have got yourself in a proper pickle, please try and calm down, as your health and sanity matters! I do know how difficult this can be-I have been thru a similar ordeal but im going to try and give you constructive advice.

As soon as your Doctors opens this morning, phone them and get a home visit. Ask for a sick note-whether you are covered already or not, also a prescription for your current pain and stress.

Also ask a friend or family member or neighbour to come round, phone Atos appts, and the DWP for you, fill the form in for you, and copy and post your sick note (along with a copy of your hospital attendance) I think its highly unlikely they will stop your money if you do this. There will also be a record of your fone call to them (as well as on your own fone.) which will be evidence of your anxiety state on the day-even better if you got her name of the person you spoke to. It sounds like you have got a good network of medical professionals on your side, so whilst the process is an absolute nightmare, it will all come right in the end-you have to believe that honey. Now get yourself a cup of tea, or whatever, set your alarm and try to get comfy on your sofa-you may just fall asleep on there. Thats what I do now when i get too stressed in bed, and it works for me. Good luck sweetie, breathe slowly, and try to relax.

I sincerely hope this helps.


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Re: Atos: I need urgent advice please :o(

Postby Ribbonsrabbit » Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:30 am

Thanks for your reply. I will go to my gp first thing in the morning when they open and ask him to help me.
I think pain and fear has a way of inciting hysteria but then the rational side of me says atos are just bullies and I dont understand how it can be legal for someone with a measly diploma can override the professional assessment of a doctor and a professor.
If it was a court room then whose evidence would carry most weight and credibility? A physio or a doctor?
A pox on the lot of them as they go to hellin a hand cart.
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Re: Atos: I need urgent advice please :o(

Postby *Lisa* » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:38 am

I think your best bet atm as you need something to hand now to reply to them is a letter from your GP explaining why you didnt attend and his back up for it.

Alot of doctors are disliking the system as it causes so much stress on the patient. My GP upped my dosage by double thro the stress of the brown envelopes! and going on the roundabout of benefits knowin how worked up and ill i get over it.

ALways send anything to DWP via special delivery

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Re: Atos: I need urgent advice please :o(

Postby Ribbonsrabbit » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:13 am

Thank you Lisa. I have completed the form and I was too exhausted to see the doctor today.
I hate my body for letting me down but I absolutely loath the system that caused my injury and now tortures my mind.
I resent how blase the various institutions are regarding laws and how flippantly they throw threats around and the lackadaisical attitude to the potential repurcussions as if they are above such earthly matters.
I speak as a social worker who see breaches of laws in many government run bodies and of which the so called charities who allegedly are the voice of the people adopt the three wise monkey approach... see all, hear all... say nothing.
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