ATOS Home Assessment - Help!

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ATOS Home Assessment - Help!

Postby Gaia » Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:56 am

Does anyone have any experience of a home assessment and could offer me some advice please?

My husband is currently receiving income based ESA and he received a letter advising him he had an assessment at the local Job Centre Plus, but gave hime less than 2 weeks notice.

He has seen his GP and she has faxed ATOS to request a home assessment as he is too ill physically and mentally (he suffers with Combat Stress and has physical problems due to his injuries when he was in the army) to attend the clinic ....... but now we are both in a panic about what will happen anyway :crazy:

We don't know if they will come to the house on the same date and time in the letter or make a new appointment? The appt he has is for next week!

Do they check around the home for mobility aids such as hand rails etc? Will they ask him to perform any tasks/movement like going up stairs, getting dressed himself etc? We do have hand rails etc, but I am worried the assessor will think they are only in place for me and disregard my husband's use of them :-x

I am currently on a lifetime award of DLA, so will also be called to be assessed by ATOS within the next two years and would also like a home visit, but now we are worried sick about how they work it out when they visit at home :yikes:

Any advice would be gratefully received please!
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Re: ATOS Home Assessment - Help!

Postby *Lisa* » Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:53 pm

I personaly have not had an assesment at home but many members have and to help search for information there is a search bar up top of page put in *home visits* and im sure lots of useful infor will appear :-D
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