DLA Reconsideration or Tribunal?

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DLA Reconsideration or Tribunal?

Postby secret squirrel » Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:01 pm

Having rec'd DLA for over 10 years & just been given a decision on my DLA renewal, DWP say I'm no longer entitled to either care or mobility. Was getting higher rate mobility & middle rate care. Will lose £427 every 4 wks & also my blue badge. Don't just have Fibro, have degenerative disc disease too.

Stupid decision they've made, ignored all the evidence I sent. Sure it's just DWP telling everyone at renewal they're no longer entitled :-x

When I rang DWP was having foggy day & got a bit confused. Wasn't sure what to do so decided on reconsideration of my claim. Having read Benefits & Work guide on appeals, I should go for an appeal to Tribunal as my claim's been denied. Can I now change my mind & say to DWP I want to go to Tribunal?

Many thanks & appreciate any advice
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Re: DLA Reconsideration or Tribunal?

Postby calangute107 » Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:37 pm

i have been getting dla for the past 10 years and am in middle of renewing it. i probably wont get it either again. i also have blue badge. i just dont know how dwp can stop it suddenly. our condition hasnt changed. mine has got worse. good luck with appealing .
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Re: DLA Reconsideration or Tribunal?

Postby shellyjean » Sat Mar 09, 2013 4:23 pm

Hi. I have also been in receipt of DLA at the same rate for over two years and last year i lost the lot and my motability car too so now im housebound too. You can still go for a appeal. i would advise getting help with the forms etc from either the cab or if you are under a psychiatrist then they might have a advocate who can help you fill in the forms. Trust me its a long hard battle. I have submitted lots of letters from medical profesionals etc and still i have to attend a tribunal hearing. I feel like a criminal to be honest. I think that the government thinks that if they make it hard to win a claim for benefits then a lot of sick and needy will not bother and this is whats is actually happening. Its too much to take on when you are ill wether it be mentally or physically. I am so warn out with all the visits to my advocate. my hearing date is the 25th March and i am dreading it. I would contact someone soon and get help with a appeal. its a long hard battle and will take months but the sooner you file your appeal then they will have to back date your claim to then. Good luck.
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