ESA and Sick notes?

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ESA and Sick notes?

Postby countyfan » Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:11 pm

I know this might sound silly but please excuse me as I am new to all this being 'signed off sick'

As I have mentioned in another post, I have had to resign from my previous work due to the heavy lifting involved. However I have been told by both my consultant and GP that I am not fit for any work at the moment, so I have a sick note for 6 weeks currently. I have also just been awarded LR care DLA.

What's confusing me is when people are talking about these ATOS medicals. Surely, if both a GP and a consultant agree that you are unfit for work, an assessor from ATOS can't overturn that? Or can they.

I have just sent off the first lot of forms requesting ESA, as I was having to wait for my ex employer to forward my P45. What happens next?

Would appreciate any advice you can give me. I am even getting to be a danger to myself when on my own at home, as on Friday I managed to stab my hand on a kitchen knife! I ended up in A&E being glued/stitched up LOL :roll:
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Re: ESA and Sick notes?

Postby kazza65 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:23 pm

country fan

i know what your going through i've been of sick for 10yrs plus because i've got floating kneecaps and now i've be diagnosed with fibro and osteoarthritis of the spine.

And a week thursday gone i got a letter from dwp to say that somebody from dwp will ring me regrading my incapity benefit and my lr care & rate mobility, she rang and told me that it was a cursity call just to see if i recieved the letter and if i understood it. I said it was a bit vague and she explained that when the forms come to put everything on and as much detail as possible and return it back by the date it said. Also she said that not everybody is called for an assissment.

So i don't know what to think.

if you get and clues please do share thoughs

Live life to the full as you don't know when it will end xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Re: ESA and Sick notes?

Postby lolo73 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:24 pm

Countyfan, It is so confusing when you don't know the system and even then they change it every 5 mins. You most likely will be sent for a medical, you will continued to be paid until that comes up as long as you have sick notes to send to the DWP. My advice is ask your GP to give you one for as long as they can. My GP has told me 3mths, not sure if this is standard. You can't get out of the medical unfortunately (I haven't heard of a new applicant getting out of it). You may well be allocated less than 15 points (the number required to be allocated ESA) and a lot of FMS get 0 points because of the way the marking goes. You might have to go to appeal at that point, if you do come back here and get advice because a lot of people know the ins and outs better than me. I got through appeal by saying work would have a detrimental effect on my health but only got ESA for a yr and then had to reapply, with a 3mth period in between. :(
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Re: ESA and Sick notes?

Postby countyfan » Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:48 am


Thanks for your advice and encouragement.
I am annoyed that ATOS seem to make everyone out to be trying to cheat the system though. When I think of all the times that I struggled in to work, over the past 25 years, as I didn't want to be thought of as weak and now, when I finally had to give in to what my body has been trying to tell me for ages, I have to fight to get the benefits I have paid all that NI for!

Apart from the Fibro, I also have severe osteoarthritis in my neck, spine, hands knees and feet. My GP has signed me off work with a stress related disorder too, which I think is mainly due to my work/family situation at the moment-ie worry about money, mother in law in final stages of lung cancer and my own Mum having congestive heart failure. The GP has referred me for CBT though!

I am thinking now that I should have not thought about the impact on patients, from tying up my laboratory job for another 16 weeks and made the company keep my job open, while I received Statutory Sick pay. Then I could have had the ESA before assessment for 13 weeks? I was also wondering, if you don't get enough points at the assessment, to get put into one of the ESA groups, do they make you pay back what you have received over the previous weeks?

Anyway, it's not that I am trying to avoid working, just that I can't do my previous job, because of my conditions and can't find another that would be suitable, as I only have lab work experience! I will have to claim JSA otherwise, as I surely must be entitled to that, having paid full stamp for 30+ years.

Thinking that the other problem is, apart from my disabilities, that I am 54 and have only had lab work experience (which I now am unable to do) Although they are now saying that women will have to work till they are 66, a company, when faced with me or a youngster of 25-30, both with no experience, they are bound to prefer a younger person, who they will get longer service from.

Anyway, rant over and I really do appreciate all the help and support people on this forum give me. x :-D
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