Hard decision

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Hard decision

Postby Henri » Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:51 pm

I have recently been dx with fm, I'm currently on ssp as before becoming ill in April I worked full time. I'm now struggling with what to do now as I loose the use of my legs for about a week and this is happening two/three times a month so I'm unable to drive to get my self to work. I want to return to work, I have found a away round going to work as I'd get the ring and ride bus or see if I can get gov help with taxi costs, but my husband says I'm a fire hazard. Need help as I am worried that I have to give up work and then don't ge granted and help money wise we will be in the sxxt. Doctor wants to give it time but I don't want to get to the stage of panic and no money coming in.

Thanks x x
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Re: Hard decision

Postby Iceskatemum » Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:30 pm

Finance is one of the things that I most paniced about when first off sick . As we all know stress and FM don't go well together so the first thing I would suggest is try not to get too uptight, it is really difficult and I am just starting to manage it on a regular basis but so worthwhile.

Look at your current income and out going and if there is a short fall (lets face it there usually is if you are off sick ) try and see what you can do with out. Make sure your major outgoings such as morgage / gas/electricity etc are catered for and if there seems to be a problem contact them immediatly to see what can be resolved eg. some morgages etc can give a Holiday period or extend payment time to reduce outgoings .

I think you are entitiled to approx 6 months Statutory Sick Pay from your employer ( some may add company scheme on top ) then you can apply for ESA . the papers you need should automatically be sent from your work

In the mean time I would suggest that you try for other benefits. There use to be DLA which you could claim to help you with day to day living expenses due to your illness and it was based on your mobility and care needs. Fraid I'm not up to speed on current benefits but think that this has changed to PIP.

I would recommend another site called Benefits & work. they offer a lot of advice on benefits and if you join the site you can download packs that might help with filling out the various benefit forms. It is run by a couple of solicitors and so is based on current case law etc. I found it excellent and it really helped me .

Your work also has a duty of care towards you under the various disability laws and so should make resonable adjustments for your return. I couldn't manage stairs very well when at work and so I was assigned a couple of "fire " buddies . People who had agreed that should the fire alarm go off they would help me out of the building. Work also trained then in using an evac chair should I be really bad . If that had been the case they had also discussed moving my work station to the ground floor for easy of evacuation etc.

The basic advice I can give is try and take one day at a time re your FM if your GP is recommending extra time he is doing so for a reason. I only started to feel a little better when I had finally accepted that I couldn't get back to work at this time and so then concentrated on try to get better by learning to pace & relax.

Good luck
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Re: Hard decision

Postby denys » Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:31 pm

ISM has given you some good advice and there isnt much I can think to add but I wish you all the best and whatever your decision it turns out to be the right one for you :hugs:

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