What to do now??.

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What to do now??.

Postby djclall » Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:43 pm

Hi all. Hope everyone is ok?. I had the dreaded brown envelope on Saturday morning. Well 2 to be precise. The first one was telling me that they have received my renewal form. I should think so too. It only took me just over a month to fill it in properly and honestly!!. The 2nd one was telling me that i have been awarded high rate mobility and medium rate care. Well whilst this is good i am just a little confused and not sure what to do now. My story so far regarding benefits.......I first claimed DLA in Oct 2011 after being diagnosed in Sept of that year. I got a reply and decision in Nov 2011. I was awarded HR mobility and HR care. Wow!!. Shock is all i can say. Even though i was only awarded for a year i was really happy. As you can imagine. Well come May 2012 i had the renewal form. So i started and it took another month to fill in. Anyway a few weeks later i got the decision. HR mobility and MR care. So after careful consideration i appealed against their decision regarding the MR care. They replied that they are sticking to their original decision. Fair enough even though i am requiring more care through the day and night. And still now that hasn't changed at all.

So to hear that i have been awarded the same this year i am a little confused and not sure what to do. Also this time i have been awarded until 2015 :-D . I think that because they have awarded me for 2 years is so that they can catch up with the new PIP system. Could be wrong though.

I have a lovely neighbour who has turned out to be a god send and a truly wonderful friend. I advised her that because of what she does for me, and that is virtually everything, why shouldn't she claim carers allowance. She did last year and she got awarded. So now i don't feel so bad whenever she does anything. Like she comes in at night and stays with me whilst i sleep in case i need help getting in and out of bed ie- going to the loo. Luckily my bed is downstairs in the front room now so i don't have to struggle with the stairs. I also have a commode in my front room. As i say, without her i don't know where i would be. The amount of times that i have woken to find myself on the floor with her trying to help me up again is too many to count!!.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Do i appeal and risk losing everything or smile sweetly and say thankyou :-D .

Soft hugs to all. xx
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Re: What to do now??.

Postby lolo73 » Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:58 pm

It is around £26 per week different I think, if this is a lot of money to you then appeal, if you can get by without it then don't do anything about it and risk upsetting the apple cart x
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Re: What to do now??.

Postby denys » Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:20 am

I agree with the above, if you can get more evidence showing how much care you require then go for it :-? :-? :-? :-? :-?

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Re: What to do now??.

Postby HelpingHand » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:00 pm

Be aware that if it goes to a Tribunal, the Tribunal panel has the power to increase awards, decrease awards or extinguish them completely. If this is likely to be the case, the Tribunal Judge will usually open the appeal hearing with a short warning along the lines of "The Tribunal has the power to increase and decrease awards - would you like to continue, or seek further advice?" - if they ever say that, it's your massive hint to say "I wanna go get advice!" because they are basically saying if you continue they will most likely reduce it. I'm not sure if that's the same for DWP reconsiderations though.
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Re: What to do now??.

Postby evie15 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:59 pm

Your neighbour can still get carers with MRC.

I would do what you feel comfortable with. I got awarded nothing, then sent in appeal forms and got LRC only, I sent in another lot of forms and got LRC with HRM. TBH I need more then the low care in care terms, I need all day care and this was put in my forms the reasons why, but finally decided to leave it as it was for now as I didn't want to fight any more and risk losing it all and have to send in more and more appeal forms.

Good luck on whatever you decide.
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Re: What to do now??.

Postby djclall » Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:19 pm

Hi :wave: all.

Just want to say thank you for all the advice that has been given. They have all been a great help. Yes i know that i am one of the lucky ones who get awarded but its just annoying that us fibros seem to not be understood properly and it makes my blood boil!! :-x :evil:

Take a friend of mine for instance. She was awarded HRC and HRM for two years. When it come to her 3rd renewal she asked for help from one of her friends to fill it in. This so called friend of hers helped but in a way to make it beneficent to her. Because this so called friend phoned up DLA and reported her just after my friend posted the form. Basically my friend was awarded absolutely nothing and had an investigation against her. It is still going on as far as i know. Anyway, it wasn't long after that my friend admitted that she made EVERYTHING up. She had a little back pain but that was all. She said in her form that she was ALWAYS falling, couldn't walk for more than 10 metres, had to have help getting dressed and undressed, getting in and out of bed, cooking, housework, childcare and the list goes on and on. I was livid beyond words like i bet most people are. I am still livid. :evil: :-x . Also she had no GP reports or reports from anyone to support her fake claims. I couldn't understand how she managed to get both components on HR. She has NEVER told me that she made it all up even though i have given her plenty of opportunities.

So that is why DLA make me mad. They don't play fair :nono: . They give some fakers everything but people like us who desperately need the extra money or extra help get pushed to the back of the queue. So for that reason, i have decided to just accept what they awarded me and hope that certain people (as above) get their comeuppance!!. Yes i am still friends with her but see her very rarely even though she lives a 2 minute walk from mine.

I am hoping that once PIP is set up that it will be a lot fairer and listen to each and everyone and award to those who need it.
So thank you all for your valuable advice. :-D

Soft hugs to all. :grouphug: xx
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