ESA help please?

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ESA help please?

Postby Katblack » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:16 pm

Ok, fundamentally I don't really understand it, I don't think.

So JSA is for people who are looking for work and have to sign on every 2 weeks.

ESA 1) is for people looking for work who are ill?

ESA 2) is for people who are too ill to work?

I lost my job recently, I was on a zero hours contract which really was zero hours, it's a really long story which I CBA to type out and is probably quite boring but the last time I worked was in Feb, I sort of gave my boss an ultimatum, give me regular hours or my P45, I got my P45 :waiting: Really not happy after putting myself out and making myself ill last xmas for him and he has given all the work to another girl :cry: who is meant to be my friend. (I know it's not her fault but I don't feel very friendly towards her ATM).

I have been looking for work for a month now and got nowhere, not even an interview, here are the problems I have, which I am sure some of you can relate to;
I can't do cleaning - I can barely clean my own home, let alone anywhere else
I can't do Telesales - although I have a good telephone manner, just the thought of doing cold calling and targeted selling on the phone actually makes me feel sick and have a panic attack, if I was forced to do it I am sure I would have some sort of breakdown!
I can't do Care work ie Care Homes - again, I can barely care for myself let alone other people!
I can't work in retail - I can't stand up all day and in the past am RUBBISH at targeted selling, also have no experience.

The rest of the jobs in the local paper/internet/agencies/Job Centre are full time and require either qualifications or experience I don't have. I don't have many qualifications and almost all my work experience is in a factory setting which what I would ideally do, but there is nothing around and 99% of factories don't take Part-time.

We do not qualify for any financial help, so even if I apply for JSA/ESA I won't get any money and we can't afford for me to do any re-training, SO if I apply for ESA would I be able to get some 'free' re-training through that?
I know I will fail the ATOS so will HAVE to look for work but I am petrified of being forced into a job I can't/don't want to do by the Job Centre/ESA, can they do this?

I am desperate for work, we don't get DLA/PIP so I need to work for financial reasons, we can't rely on hubby's wages alone for long, not without cutting back on lifestyle things like the TV, internet which Hubby won't do, we have already cut back on food and stopped our hobbies and we don't have holidays.
Kat x

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Re: ESA help please?

Postby cherry-von-bomb » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:51 pm


I really feel for you! I would love to be able to take a pill so I could work again!

On the plus side I know that In Birmingham, at least, a company called Eos is attached to ESA claimants who are placed into the "work related activity group " and they are tasked with getting you back to work.... If my health was better I would be straight to work, however due to the fact I'm broken they have kind of given up on me after 2 years

Also try to get to your local remploy office, they specialise in employment for people with health conditions and disabilities

Good luck :-D
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Re: ESA help please?

Postby Garyl » Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:53 pm

Get in touch with Fightback on facebook Michelle and her team do great things have plenty of help sheets available
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