Has anyone been accepted for PIP

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Re: Has anyone been accepted for PIP

Postby flip » Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:20 pm

:oops: I can see why even they suggest that you make a copy of the form.By the time I get to a face to face I will have forgotten why I am let along what I put on the form :-x
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Re: Has anyone been accepted for PIP

Postby *Lisa* » Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:28 am

zappa20 wrote:At the moment the government is in the process of reconsidering whether its mobility distance change down to 1 to 20M to meet high rate mobility will be revised. Many think this is delaying claim PIP outcome decisions, but ATOS claim they have a huge backlog and the normal wait time given seems to be up to 20 weeks.If the distance remains at 20M many people with high rate DLA mobility will lose it, and their Mobility cars.

Apparently on the PIP *mythbusters* pdf government guide its not just if you can walk 20 metres...

Individuals who cannot walk more than 50 metres will be entitled to some rate of the mobility component – either standard or enhanced.

Individuals who cannot walk 20 metres will receive 12 points, and therefore the enhanced rate mobility component, regardless of whether they need an aid or appliance.

Individuals who can walk distances longer than 20 metres could still receive enhanced rate mobility, if they are not able to do so safely, to an acceptable standard, repeatedly and in a reasonable time period.

In addition, if someone can walk more than 20 metres they could still score enough points to receive the enhanced rate mobility component, if they have scored points in the other mobility activity which looks at their ability to plan and follow journeys
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