Am I entitled to DLA?

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Am I entitled to DLA?

Postby Gizmo01 » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:46 pm

Hi I have been diagnosed over a year ago for fibromyalgia and pernicious anaemia and possible palindromic rheumatoid and insomnia i have really suffered for the past year I have so much pain in my neck shoulders & back & ribs and its random in other places, my hubby works but I just can't do anything at the moment I have 3 children to look after and that takes it out of me and we can't live on his wage alone and wondered if I was entitled to DLA? I don't want to go down this route but I don't have much choice right now. Please can someone give me some advice xx
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Re: Am I entitled to DLA?

Postby Garyl » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:57 pm

Sadly DLA is ending, it is to be replaced by PIP, and it will be harder to qualify for, i was refused DLA, saying that a benefits officer has suggested i reapply as i have fibromyalgoa severe asthma osteo arthritis and walking difficulties now use a walker with wheels .

It will do no harm for you to apply for it is up to the powers to be then to decide if you qualify. My walking difficulties i suffer falls yesetrday walking to get my meal from the microwave, i started to wobble so stopped and fell backwards on to the sofa. I cannot see me getting it but will try.

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Re: Am I entitled to DLA?

Postby FluppyPuffy » Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:15 pm

DLA is no longer a claimable benefit for new applicants, it has been replaced by the Personal Independent Payment (PIP) so this is what you would need to apply for.

Rather than eligibility being based on the various problems and conditions you have, it is based on how you are affected by all your conditions and problems wrt daily living and mobility. As to whether you are entitled to PIP, you need to provide and much info and evidence as possible to support your claim, quite probably need to have an assessment with a suitable healthcare professional, and then hope that the DWP assigned your claim is huu~mon and agrees with what you have said and awards you the benefit.

PIP is still very much an unknown quantity at the moment, there are reports that with the claims that have initially been made, there is already a backlog to be dealt with, so there hasn't been much appearing about the sort of decision that are being made.

For info and advice specific to you and your situation, talking to a Benefits Adviser might be something to look into. Advisers can be found in JobCentres, Citizens Advice Bureaus and other similar organisations that might be in your area.
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