2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

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2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

Postby chezmc » Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:50 pm

Ive been on income related ESA since Dec 2011..I was placed in the wrag at my local A4E for "work focused interviews" -but I only went a few times as I was always too Ill to go thru the fibro and CFS.... My GP would give me a fit note to send into them and after a few gripes with different advisors I didn't have to attend..

I received a letter from them advising me that they are going to ring me in a few weeks so they can discuss my 'final exit'??
I rang the job centre for advice and they told me that My 2yr work related has finished and I will be called into the local job centre??
She didn't give me any indication about what happens at the job centre or what is expected of me (even tho I asked). I am really worried that they will expect me to find a job or volunteer for a type of workplace when I just cannot get out of bed most days.

My condition has worsened since I last filled in my ESA form and truly believe I should now be in the support group- But that's something else I need to deal with.

Has anyone else finished their 2yr wrag and have any indication about what happens next? I have tried researching on the web but cannot get any full answers.
Thanx in advance
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Re: 2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

Postby bumblebee57 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:58 pm

Hi sorry to hear youre so worried and im sorry i cant help, but would be interested in finding out, b'coz im in the same boat. I didnt realise there was a time limit on income related WRAG. Im due to be called into the JC for an interview this month. I know i couldnt hold down a job with Fibro/CFS/Arthritis/High BP and depression. I think Id explode on the first day!! Its a very worrying time and I hope you and I can get some answers. I dont think Ive been in WRAG a yr yet (could be wrong...fibro fog). Good luck.
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Re: 2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

Postby scartlass » Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:19 pm

Hi. I think if your partner/husband is working and earning over a certain amount (not sure how much this is) you will not get ESA. if your on your own then you fill in the ESA form and send sick notes to the ESA department of jobcentre plus. until you either have a medical with ATOS or if the information you have sent in is enough the decision maker will make a decision and let you know. I would tell them at the job centre that you want to continue claiming ESA and to send you the forms.

Hope this helps
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Re: 2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

Postby chezmc » Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:52 am

Its unfortunate that no one else has been through the same problem. A4e have had 2yrs to help me get back into work and not succeeded due to my spiralling health.
I didnt actually know the work program was for only 2yrs before they would ship me back to the job centre as a person in the support group can be in that group for up to 3yrs?

MY "final exit" over the phone interview with the work program is next week and is a full review with my time with them..quite a joke considering I only met with them a few times.. Im no lazier than the next person with fibro and ME etc..If I didnt have the intense pain and fatigue I may be able to hold down a job for a few hours a week but the thought of being forced to do something I know i wont sustain is making my blood boil.

I have finally found a link and will see what happens when i attend the job centre.

https://www.gov.uk/government/news/gove ... me-support

Work Programme leavers will be targeted by a hit squad of specialist advisers as part of a tough approach to get them into a job.
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Re: 2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

Postby fibro-lu » Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:44 pm

hi chezmac,

thank you for the link, I read through it

I am not really in the same position ...
WRAG yes, but still waiting for them to send me the decision for the renewal etc ...

I have seen my advisor once, went through the process, handed him the next/newest doc certificate and now get a call once every 4 weeks etc.. soon have to hand in the next doc certificate

keep in mind that not only FMS and ME people are in the WRAG group
or other rightfully claimers who just can't hold down a job, not even a few hours, as much as they would like to etc

there are people who, for what ever reason cling to their benefit, but in broad daylight, with the right help, are able to (at least) try to find some form of work and it would do them actually good and would improve their quality of life ...

(and of course there are others ...)

could you get another doc cert from your GP? one that covers for 3 or 6 month?
you could send it in before you have your meeting (and take a copy beforehand for your file and to take that with you ...)

have you had additional doc reports since your last assessment? you could take them with you, if and when you go for your meeting

if and when you go, is there someone you could take with you, as moral support and "second" brain?

I am not sure but think I read that there might be a possibility to move from Wrag to support group by the end of year 2 (if you are single??)

what happens to single people in the support group at the end of year 3? are they supposed to vanish in thin air? there must be something ...

hope you get a few more relpies
all the best :cow-wave: Lu
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Re: 2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

Postby macca » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:34 pm

If your health has declined such that you believe that you now meet a Support Group Descriptor then you can write to DWP and request a 'supercession' of the current decision.

Importantly have a good look at the ESA Support Group descriptors and even more importantly the criteria that DWP apply to them. i.e. if you consider the mobilising descriptor then remeber that in the ESA application form when it asks you what distance you can walk, remember that the over-arching criteria is that to be able to say you can do something i.e. walk 50 metres without significant pain or exhaustion, then you must be able to do it :

i) Safely.
ii) as often as you need to
iii) to an acceptable standard
iv) In a reasonable length of time

So you may think you can walk 50 metres but can you do it over and over again, all day? can you do it safely or do you have balance problems or do you trip, are you steady on your feet or are you very unsteady and perhaps need to lean on things as you go. Does it take you three times as long to walk 50 metres than it does an average healthy person?

You get where i'm coming from on that?

You will need to provide detail as to why and how you believe that you meet a support group descriptor. That may include a daily dairy of how your health affects your life, it may include a supporting letter from your GP, it may include written confirmation of new diagnosis, deterioratio of your conditions etc. i.e. whatever relates to your situation

Very importantly though do not ask for a reconsideration as all DWP will do is look at the information they already have about you and reconsider whether the decision they have already made is correct based on what they have.

You should specifically ask for a 'Supercession' i.e. you're asking DWP to consider any new information that you provide to them about your health and the impact that it has on your life and ability, and asking them to arrive at a new decision that 'superceeds' the current decision.

There's no specific form to use that i'm aware of, just write to them. I did just that for my wife last year.
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Re: 2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

Postby chezmc » Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:47 pm

fibro-lu ...I presume after 2-3yr of support group they would need another medical to prove they still in correct group - they change the rules so often so who knows what will happen... as for being put in support group after 2 years -(im not single) so unsure but I do know after tomorrows phone call from work program the job centre will be sending me an appointment to see an advisor.
(thought phone call was next week and its not) lol..foggyhead

after my car accident I tried and eventually failed to keep my job -then as the pain intensified and spread I still got myself another job but failed yet again to sustain staying in work..Hence claiming ESA which doesnt make me proud but its helping keep my family fed..much the same for everyone else in the same boat.

thank u Macca for your help..I wasn't aware of the supercession - after 5yrs i was only diagnosed 6mth ago and ESA aren't aware of it.. Need to see GP about letter of diagnosis but all the evidence wont be looked at before I have to attend the job centre ..

I have a covering sick note till Feb14 which I sent to the work program A4e but they sent it me back and I was told by job centre that although they are aware I have limited capabilities to work -my sick note is not valid at their jobcentre.. ??

will however keep others informed..because the work program was only introduced in 2011 and there are going to be a lot of folk in the same position as me..
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Re: 2yr wrag is almost over-Now What???

Postby chezmc » Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:13 pm

My Husband doesnt work Lisa -He is my main carer and I claim income related ESA for us both (as a couple) .. as in - the ESA claim is mine but I get a little extra money for him and he gets his stamp...just as a job seeker would claim for their partner who doesnt work or claim benefit in their own right...

The work program lasts for 2 years and mine is now up..They are not ending my ESA just the work program side of things but I havent heard of anyone as yet to state any details about what they are going to do now it has ended..my interview phone call from the work program is this afternoon but doubt they will clarify any details..
thanx for the link Lisa - I will be scrutinizing it :-)
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