ESA Jobcentre Interview

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ESA Jobcentre Interview

Postby rainbows » Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:50 pm

Hi, can anyone shed any light on what to expect at my first interview coming up, I've been placed in the WRAG group (am appealing just waiting on SAR and Mandatory Reconsideration) I just wondered what things I will be asked at the interview and do I need to take any medical evidence with me ? If anyone can help, then thank you x
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Re: ESA Jobcentre Interview

Postby denys » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:49 pm

Im not sure sorry, but I would imagine they will ask about your experiences and what you are qualified to do, maybe what help you think you will need to enable you to get a job. So it wont hurt to take any evidence you have to show that you are too unwell to consider working at the moment and to show you are waiting for reconsideration :fingerscrossed: it all works out for you :-D :-D

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Re: ESA Jobcentre Interview

Postby *Lisa* » Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:42 am

Im in WRAG and had interviews and been with others having theres.

I must say it does varie.

If your appealing to be in support group then they may not carry on with interview until a decision is reached. That is what my advisor told me.

At an interview they ask what illnesses/conditions you have (it is good to take evidence) and what treatments/med your on and what appointments etc are coming up in the future. Now you have to remember there not medicaly trained so there job is to find you employment around the disabilties you have.

They will ask you what jobs you have done in the past and any skills/qualifications to see if they can find anything for you.

They will talk about work programmes but do not sign up for anything!!! make sure 100% you know your able to attend cause a failure to do so whether ill or not will cause a sanction! you get 2 chances!

On the work programme you will be assessed by a physio to see what your fitness levels are as well as guiding you into work around your limitations.

On the other hand for me, i have never been spoke to about work at my interviews :shock: iv been 3 times in nearly 3 years to which they told e to go home and appeal as they know i have to many limitations for them to help me find work and i should be in support group.

I do feel JC's varie and i am lucky to have a good advisor , one thats never on my case, is sympathetic and now gives me phone consultations

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Re: ESA Jobcentre Interview

Postby fibro-lu » Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:49 pm


I had one interview, we went through many questions (like Lisa) and because I was written off by GP I got a phone call each month
when the sick note run out I got another for a year and now the monthly phone call continues

at the time of the interview I wasn't aware about the "signing", so I signed
there was a campaign "don't sign" around but vanished
I am not sure if I would have signed if I would have known at the time that it is "optional"/that I can refuse
when I questioned what it is he wanted me to sign and that I first wanted to read everything, the chap got a bit pushy
apparently I had to sign what we spoke about and that we spoke about "the ground rules" and what they expect from me etc

can't remember much, it was very draining

but because I am off sick I don't have to take part in any activities

hope that helps
all the best :cow-wave: Lu
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