Stupid jobcentre

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Stupid jobcentre

Postby BlueBerry » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:37 pm

What a shocking letter I had today I thought it was my result of my reassessment form but no it wasn't that ...

I HAVE FINISH THE WORK PROGRAM what a shock it was oh and guess what the idiots at job centre want me to go down on day I am at the hospital so i phone up and told both woman on phone off and said what hell you done nothing for me in last two years but test me for benefit and woman i got see which now in march is just what she said update her records i said why can't do this on phone she went she couldn't now i got walk down a damn bank i hate :(

bit rant for you this afternoon i am hoping this last from them oh i said you better not put me on any mores stupid program cause guess what i may be get more surgery cause in out hospital six times this months :roll: I had to say sorry for out bust on phone to her because i was so shock about stupid letter.....

I have not seen anyone in over 2 years and i had only about 5 phone callers in that time what a waste of money !!!!!!!!!! :nono: :nono:
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