trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

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trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby topcatt72 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:05 pm

Hi all....
i am going to try to claim esa again for my fibro.....and was wondering how best to fill in the form???.....I'm in a lot of pain nearly all the time which stops me from doing even the simplest of tasks most days.......i also get a lot of migraines and As 4 feeling tired all the time :-( :-(....... i do on the odd day feel good and can do tasks or even go out......i just dont want to lie on the form but i dont want to tell them the full truth as if they know i have a 'good' day now and again they will say no u r obviously fine to work and alsorts... please can anyone help me on the best way to fill out the esa form.......thnx :-)
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:53 pm

They have to take into account fluctuating conditions. Now this can be quiet difficault explaining how you are overall. The DWP should look at you in a wider picture. For example how many good and bad days you have within the year rather then weekly because a week does not show the full picture.

Then way up overall if you have capabilities to work or not. CAB can help fill forms out.
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby Garyl » Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:57 pm

Topcat my advice is to see if the local council have a benefits advice department, Mine has and the girl filled the ESA form in for me and i was transferred over to ESA from incapacity benefit without the need of a medical and put in the support group, Failing that have words with fightback on facebook, they do ask for donations if they do form filling etc but are very good with a success rate of over 95%
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby Kimmy xx » Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:51 pm

Hi topcat, I've recently filled out my form to claim PIP(well, 4 weeks ago now),as my ESA had expired.

I made an appt with CAB and the guy I saw, was very helpful and filled in my form for me. He told me to answer my questions based on my worst day ever. Like yourself, I have good and bad days(mainly bad), so i was a little worried on how to fill the form out, taking this into consideration.

As I said, it was just over 4 weeks ago that I sent the form back and I'm still waiting to hear from them to see if I'm eligible to claim it.

Wishing you lots of luck xx
Kimmy xx
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby whoami » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:02 pm

I can't help you with the UK benefits but I do get a 100% disability pension in Canada.

All I will say is to tell people exactly what is going on. Do not lie, do not exaggerate, and do not eliminate anything.

The people making these decisions know what symptoms there are with fibro or other conditions. If they, including their Dr's know you are not telling the truth then nothing you say will be credible, truth or not.

There are people here that can help with forms, good luck!

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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby Lindilou » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:09 pm

You describe your WORST day. Thinking tasks like working a washing machine etc are ingrained and therefore automatic

Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby robbiecramp » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:30 pm

For anyone who is applying for any disability benefit this is my advice due to something that happened to me today.

Send form if possible by recorded delivery (not sure if it is possible) this way they cannot say they have never received it.
Keep in contact every week with either DWP or Atos asking at all times for the names of the people you are talking to or better still the intials and the date and time.

Try and make notes of the conversations you have asking them to speak slowly and calmly and informing them you are making primarily notes

I advise this on this situation I applied for PIP due date for form was 20th February was sent in on the 11th 9 days before date. I rang a couple of weeks later to have a nice voice on end say yes we have received it, is now with health assessors which I was told were Atos and given the number. (very helpful lady) I call them and they tell me yes we have it received it on 3rd March.

A week goes by and sat doing nothing so at spur of moment ring Atos up, still with assessors about 4-6 weeks for appointment.
27th March (today) letter from DWP to inform me that they have not received my form and do I wish to continue with my claim or cancel it.

Straight on blower to be told technical hitch with there computer, they have got it but advise me calling Atos which I do, to be told by a lady yes we received it 3rd March but it has been stopped 13th March. I ask her who stopped it no response so I say please look at your screen and tell me where it says 13th March who has stopped this claim she says DWP.

So another 0845 number to DWP who now tell me my application was received but it lit up that I needed additional support in several areas and they are waiting for a report of Atos, and in there opinion and from what it says there end nothing about 13th March.

So back onto Atos where get a complete joker who first asks me necessary security questions, and then says are you sure you filled form in before sending it, and no we not received it ever no record of 3rd March no entry for 13th march so at moment waiting for a call back from the Supervisor to find out why it has been deleted

Keep you posted but it seems this is what they are prepared to do to people who they consider will get PIP
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby karlor95 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:53 pm

hi, i have recently been turned down for PIP even though i am about to lose my job as im not able to function at work effectively. they didnt seem interested that i have a fluctuating condition nor that my bestie showers me 3 times a week or that i am in agony and so fatigued all of the time. I also have herniated discs in my spine, angina (stents and medication) and diabetes.......... they have deemed me fit for work as in their opinion i have more good days than bad! (dont know how that was workded out?)
wehn you complete your forms i suggest you think about how you are at your very worst and complete the forms as you are on your bad days. no point in trying to be honest with tehm, they dont seem to appreciate that.
Good luck with your claim, there is a group on fb called 4UP.....they are amazing with advice and have coached a lot of people through the process, xxx
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby chezzle » Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:53 pm

when you fill out the ESA form make sure you don't put the word 'varies' on day to day basis as they use this as a marker for the WCA. if you fail the WCA and are told you are fit for work,they will send you aletter, telling you they have stopped your payments and you are to contact the jobcentre and register for jobseekers allowance. this is exactly what they want you to do, don't do it, you are still entitled to ESA. make sure you appeal their decision straight away.

call the DWP and ask for the appeal form GL24 which they have to send you. then ask for a copy of the report by ATOS, this they cannot refuse to give you. next ask to go onto the ESA Appeal Rate, again this they cannot refuse you. you will then hear from the tribunal service this will have a form for you to fill out which i would suggest you do straight away, please send it registered post.

you will still have to supply the DWP with 'fit notes' every 3 months, pleases do this or they will stop your payments. make sure you send it back well before the end of the 3 month period or, again, they will stop your payments. :-x This is exactly what i have done and am now awaiting notice of my appeal tribunal date, 10 months down the line.

i will turn up when i get the date, and i will stand my ground, it's not my fault i cannot work! By the way i nearly forgot make sure you get a doctor's report as well, you will need this in the future for your tribunal, also make sure you take a copy of everything and keep notes. the solidarity federation website is also a good source of information. :-D take care, and good luck.
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby yellowfairy » Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:49 am

Whenever i apply for any benefit, i use the pre paid envelope, take it to the post office, tell them i want it to go registered, then they take of the value of the envelope and charge the outstanding, which makes it a lot cheaper. Hope this helps.
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby topcatt72 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:01 pm

Thnx all 4 help with filling in esa form plus appeals.....i have had my esa stopped b4 after seeing a doc at atos on crutches and in visible pain....i did appeal and got a date but i went to wrong building and when i finally found right place (not very well advertised) 10 mins late and explained wot had happened they told me (after waiting for 15mins) that a decision had been made and they had all gone home......i received a letter after a few days to say no....... really hate the gov and their lack of compassion to anyone with any illness......
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby FluppyPuffy » Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:54 pm

chezzle wrote:next ask to go onto the ESA Appeal Rate, again this they cannot refuse you.

From what I gather, changes brought in to the system not so long ago mean that where the claimant disagrees with the decision they have been given, it now has to go for what they describe as "mandatory reconsideration" Altho this is supposed to take place within a reasonable timeframe, there is no indication as to what is thought to be a reasonable length of time for this to happen. With the introduction of the "mandatory reconsideration" step, payment of ESA at the assessment rate was supposed to be stopped until this part was complete, and if the decision could not be changed in favour of the claimant, the claim would then go onto the next stage of the appeals process.

I may well be mistaken with this. If I am, no doubt someone will be :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: shortly with some more up~to~date details.
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby thescream » Sat Mar 29, 2014 10:04 am

hi I am going through a flare up which up to now is come up to a year. I receive DLA high mobility and low care indefinitely, but I am needing a lot more care than what I did, the question is do i re apply for pip now as my circumstances have changed or just not bother and wait till i have to apply for pip in the future, i claim ESA and due to me having a flare up i have been put in the support group with no medical or assesment, i just don't know what to do and would really appreciate your views on it. many thanks from diane
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby topcatt72 » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:05 pm

Hi all....
just an update....iv phoned to claim esa....they have taken all my info over the phone.... some Q's though...
they said they r sending me paperwork...wot will i get???
i know i need a sick note but should i also get a letter from my doctors and other clinics explaining my conditions as well???.....
and is there anything else i need to do/send for them to prove how bad and ill i am..... thnx :-D :-D :-D
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Re: trying to apply 4 esa/dla/pip

Postby topcatt72 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:58 pm

Hi all....
i have had my limited work thing 2 fill in and i know i use my worst day ever, but some Q's are more if u are all the time and not symptoms u get with fibro or any other a Q bout eyes and basically can u see or not with or without glasses or are u blind?? But i do wear glasses but i get blurred vision a lot especially with a migraine but i cant see how 2 answer that on the Q.....please help or direct me 2 any1 who can....either on here or a charity,organization or even docs.... thnx :( :-) :( :-) :( sorry 4 being a pain and dumb.....
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