Atos assessment in just over a week :/

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Atos assessment in just over a week :/

Postby bouncer0304 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:15 pm

So my assessment is in just over a week's time and i'm getting anxious as you can imagine. My worry is that they'll write down everything's fine and that i don't need to be on ESA.

Lately though i've been back and forth to my doctors and i've developed new symptoms which they seem to think is Irritable bladder (keep getting pain down there, not emptying properly), there may be something on my ultrasound since the nurse said one side wasn't working as quick as the other and latest one is imflammatory bowel (pain down there/top of belly/stomach, feeling full, bile coming up with bits of food- i know gross sorry so i won't go into other details!). I am going to mention these as they are being investigated plus i've had my appointment for the pain clinic at last. On top i'm getting my sick paper renewed the day before since that's the closest date i could see him. Do you think these will help my case? I still volunteer for 5 hours a week under doctors guidance but have someone with me in case i get ill or have a serious brain fog issue (which i did back two weeks ago) but again worried this'll count against me. Even that's becoming really hard to do but without it i'll literally be staring at four walls 24/7! It's helped my confidence and done other things as well but i'm worried they won't see it that way. The other thing that concerns me is that i'm 27 and again worried that they'll think i'm trying to pull a fast one as i'm still young. Fibro's in my family on my mam's side so i know i'm not alone at least (my sister's been amazing as well bless her!)

The last few weeks have been horrible and with no clear answer it feels like it's never ending. My sleep isn't great (three guesses why!) and they whole thing's just making me worse :-( So any advice would be great. I'm fully expecting a 0 since so many people on here struggle to get a decent score. I've asked for it to be recorded too but am phoning next week since the recording equipment wasn't available last time hence it being moved. Also, how long does it take to get a response? Reason i ask is because in August i'm going to Disneyland Paris (a lifelong dream come true <3) and i need to make sure i'm able to send off any response if need be. Thanks in advance!
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