my story so far PIP ***Groan*** continued :(

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Re: my story so far PIP ***Groan*** continued :(

Postby Taz » Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:34 am

Thanks for the positive thoughts you lot

Sometimes like all of us just let things get on top of me and as I have a very small circle of friends
and even smaller circle of family, and to just find out my uncle has secondary cancer they can't treat :(
I feel as though i've been singled out for "treatment" so to speak, I'm not great at dealing with stress, even more so
when iv'e got depression to go with it, :roll: and as for the pip I feel like I'm dangling on a piece of string, it's a bit like the film
"Jason and the argonauts" where the gods are playing like a game of chess with peoples lives :-x
without forums like this I think I would crack up sometimes and I don't want to let the kids down cause I know they hate seeing me get upset
or crying,
All this time they could have kept me on my DLA until they had caught up reducing stress for everyone, I mean god only knows how much
this fiasco is costing in both money and the damage caused to peoples mental health :?:
Anyway thanks again for the moral support from everyone on here, I really appreciate it
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Re: my story so far PIP ***Groan*** continued :(

Postby sillyweehaggis » Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:56 pm

Hi guys sorry i have not been back on to update i have been very poorly,

i had requested a copy of the manuscript from my assessment and we were right, the answers typed up by the women working for atos were for the most part short and fabricated absolutely no where near what we said or the detail we gave.
we have also put in a detailed long email complaint to atos regarding my treatment from applying through to assessment till now and are awaiting a reply. :crazy:

also have been intouch with cab and the welfare rights specialist whom is more than willing to take us through appeal if need be.

have requested a mandatory reconsideration which will be looked at once i have spoken to the case manager to air my problems with what is so terribly wrong and to fight my corner....she is calling me between the 5th and the 12th so preparing for that.

also i had an interesting appointment with my psychologist today when i was telling her what had happened she told me to keep my head up and go through the motions as apparently 90% of the people she deals with have been scored 0 or very little and have had the same kind of treatment as i, she has a collegue whom works in personal case studies and has asked for mine as his work involves the current review of the atos/dla system.
she also told me that i probably didnt stand a chance going into assessment as the decision was most probably pre determined, and that no one should have examined me medically or assessed me medically unless they were a gp or a clinical physician........she says almost all of the people she deals with that go to appeal get the proper outcome.
still abit confused but feeling alot more confident in going forward and fighting for the help im entitled to....i have said it before illness doesn't discriminate so what gives these people the right to!!
hugs to all
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Re: my story so far PIP ***Groan*** continued :(

Postby rich44 » Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:10 pm

It's a real source of anger that no one in charge is looking at all these successful appeals and really asking difficult questions on why they can't get it right the first time. There's absolutely no excuse for it.

Hopefully this UN investigation will shake something loose, it's about time the powers that be got a huge kick up the backside.
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Re: my story so far PIP ***Groan*** continued :(

Postby sillyweehaggis » Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:16 pm

hi rich44 i couldn't agree more it is shocking,
i was hoping i was one of very few who had been treated so badly with this whole joke of a system but apparently there are lots of people in the same boat which is a shame.
its hard enough for some to ask for the help and take the steps in applying to be then treated horribly.

i hope that they can look at the system and make some drastic changes soon, surely they cannot go on like this its a disgrace!

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