Independent Mobility Assessment.

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Independent Mobility Assessment.

Postby becbob » Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:33 pm

I have just applied for a blue badge but I received a letter stating that I have to attend an independent mobility assessment. Has anyone been through this before and if so what happened? Another bloody hoop I have to jump through.
I am at my lowest I have ever been. I have just given up work. I am waiting for a decision on pip and I shall soon start the process of applying for ESA.
I am in lots of pain. My muscles feel like they are about to snap like a rubber band and my energy levels are practically zero. I have very few good days now.
I love shopping and always will but it's something I can barely do any more. Why do we have to keep preforming like circus animals for the bloody government. I thought I worked for the last 24 years so if something ever happened to me then the government would take care of me! How naive I was. When we need help the most we are scrutinised and basically have to beg and hope we have found an empathetic person who knows how to do their job. My so called life at the moment is hanging by a thread and I just have to sit back and hope somebody puts a tick in the correct box. I really cannot believe that the government are treating us all so badly. It's inhumane in my eyes.
Rant over.. really would appreciate any info on this assessment.
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Re: Independent Mobility Assessment.

Postby Ren22 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:04 pm

I had the assessment done and I was very anxious but it was rather pleasant in the end, Mine was done by a lovely Physio and we went through my health problems, asked how far I could manage to walk on a good day and on a bad day and what medication I am on. I was involved in a major car accident where my ankle got crushed in 2002 and the day of the assessment my ankle was very swollen so I think I got my badge for that although she did say to me if I was denied the badge I should appeal with my long list of medication and that should change their mind. At the end of the assessment she had to walk me out of the building to observe my walking.
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Re: Independent Mobility Assessment.

Postby emmas » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:39 pm

Don't worry too much about the assessment for the Blue Badge, they are so much nicer than the ATOS/Capita lot who do the other assessments for the benefits; they are actually local government staff and, from my experience at least, they do seem to actually care about you. They will ask a few questions about how the pain effects you and your mobility etc. and you go for a little walk. Don't be afraid to tell them if it is hurting when you are walking and take it as slowly as you need to and if you can't make it as far as they ave asked you to try, just tell them it hurts too much and ask to stop / go back or for a break if you need.

Hope it goes well x
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