mobility criteria- unsure what to select

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mobility criteria- unsure what to select

Postby Jynxy » Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:50 pm

Hi everyone,
in new to the site but have been reading up on fibro and found ye guys through Facebook. Anyway, here i am, been treated for 3 years for a total myriad of symptoms with no cause, that the docs can see anyway, so they've said its fibro, just comfiming a few blood tests and then it will be confirmed and added to my notes.

I had hoped to go back to work but, at present im a liability to any employer, when in not confused about what I'm supposed to be doing, I'm either falling asleep or trying to remember what i was doing in the first place. All this on top of the pain. My legs are most affected although it is all over with lots of other symptoms and over lapping conditions. My doctor has advised i apply for pip, he feels i qualify and will support me in any way possible.

mobility question,
i have crutches but rarely use them as they damage my shoulders and elbows .
my main aid or appliance is an old pushchair though. I much prefer this because i feel more secure and fall over less.
i have to do the school run every day, a distance of about 1/2 a mile. By the time in outside my next door neighbours, im already having to need the pram for support. Although i make it there and back, i am in such pain its ridiculous, but my doc has said keep i
it up, gentle routine exercise will help he thinks. I collect my youngest daughter, using the pram again, but once she's home, that's it, I've used up my spoons, so much so, my older child now walks home alone as i cant get up there to collect her. Obviously she walks with a group of children and a few adults so she's safe but surely i should be able to collect both my kids.

essentially, my mobility goes from bad to almost non existent after the nursery run.

will pip people not help me cos i can walk over 200m? Will they take into account that this is something i can do, but causes immense pain and its really upsetting me too that i cant collect my other daughter too

feeling like a really crap mum atm and very sore and confused.
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Re: mobility criteria- unsure what to select

Postby hazely » Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:02 pm

Hi its very difficult to say what they will decide I applied and got refused but don't let that put you off. good to hear your gp is being helpful mine just scoffed when I told them I was applying.

This info below is from cab
When working out which descriptor applies to you, the health professional must consider for each descriptor whether you can carry out the activity described:
•to an acceptable standard
•in a reasonable time period.

If you can't, then a higher scoring descriptor should apply to you

hope this helps also look at fightback4justice on facebook they have a forum with lots of help files to help. They can also help with form filling. best of luck
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Re: mobility criteria- unsure what to select

Postby katherine244 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:21 pm

Apparently you should take into account 'reliably'. If you can walk over 200m but it puts you in so much pain that you would struggle to do it again in the next few days then you can't do it 'reliably', therefore you can't do it!!
However I told them in my assessment that in mornings and evenings i can just about walk up to 20m and during the middle of the day i can occasionally walk up to 50m and the report came back saying i can walk over 200m so they don't listen anyway!! I am now appealing.....
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Re: mobility criteria- unsure what to select

Postby becbob » Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:10 pm

I had a lady from the Citizens Advice who helped me fill in my PIP forms. With fluctuating conditions it's difficult to know what to put. Her advice was if 60% you are unable to do something but 40% you are able then you need to put down that you are unable to do a certain action. You are able to tell them about how your illness affects you. I wrote down what percentage I had bad days, percentage of good days and also percentage of ok days. I then wrote very detailed accounts on separate paper what each day is like for me. I can barely move 60%, I just about manage 20% and I'm in pain but I can easily manage it for the other 20. I suggest you do something similar.
Claiming for PIP can be really confusing especially when it comes to fluctuating conditions such as Fibro so you need to let them know what you can do mostly and what you cannot do mostly.
Please try your local Citizens Advice and get them to help you fill in your forms. Hope this helps some what.
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Re: mobility criteria- unsure what to select

Postby Jazzijac » Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:07 pm

Hi mobility pips is best done with the help of citizens advicehowever you can do yourself Fibro is quite complex and they are starting to understand it more. When you fill in the form you need to describe you're really bad days like you can't get up out of bed easily it takes all day to get goinggetting dressed is difficult having a shower is difficultI suffered my hands cutting things making food preparing food standing to do it is really difficult I put on there that I do online shopping as I can't shop any more that I can't I am cooked the same so I have to use prepared meals because don't sleep well sleep in the day which is the CFS. I put on there that I can go to sleep during the day for an hour half an hour to time over 3-4 times a day.
As for walking I can only walk 20 to 50 m without stopping generally have to stop for a good 10 to 15 minutesare you Zanate to walk with a walking stick and I took this to the ATOS meeting.
The brain fog you forget things can't remember words Carranboy you put things just makes the day order to cope with, can't be trusted to put fat on the stove could you could forget that it's on, quite often burn food cos you forget that it's on.

Ensure that your medication is correct if you're on high-dose painkillers which could make you more drowsy or not with it feelingthis also contributes to the fact that you cannot do normal things.

I have done pip it took a long time for them to come back to me and do my Atos assessment but I passed got the lower rate allowance mobility allowance which equates to around £75 a week I do not work and I'm on ESA as well I also suffer with really bad depression through this(Who wouldn't) if possible tell them you cannot always guarantee to go to an assessment that full could be done at your home there are no cameras then and I can see the environment that you live in never offer them a cuppa tea at the assessmentdon't just sit there move around because you will be stiff and you need to show them that this is what you have to keep doing I physically couldn't focus for play I was nervous upset and had enough anyway it has taken me three and half years to get diagnosed now just need to go to pain management if you can get on one of those then that also helps with your Pips assessment
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Re: mobility criteria- unsure what to select

Postby PolkaBunny » Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:11 am

It is possible - I get PIP and I get high mobility, and I don't use any walking aids whatsoever. The way I worded mine is that yes I can walk that distance that they ask, but I am in considerable pain right from the beginning. It wasn't about whether I could or couldnt walk the distance required, it was that when I can do it, I do it in a lot of pain. I did write that some days I am too exhausted to leave the house, but on the days where I can, I do in considerable pain.

I hope that helps in some way.
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Re: mobility criteria- unsure what to select

Postby Jynxy » Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:47 pm

Thanks guys,
I'm just in such a muddle, I don't want to say one thing and they say it doesn't count and I get in trouble. I was trying to learn to drive to help but now have to learn again as I have been so ill I couldn't use the gear stick and was so tired I thought it would be dangerous so looking into an automatic now but until I can get that sorted out, I'm just having to suffer it.
I've tried getting in touch with cab to help me with the forms but can't get through on the phone to even book a telephone appointment. To get to their offices, my other half would have to take the day off just to take me there and collect the kids from school if I got stuck waiting for ages.

Waiting on the doc to call me back today to go over my recent blood tests as things have gone downhill so quickly recently. Fingers crossed there's not something else to add to the list. Feeling rather fed up with the whole thing entirely. :(
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