PIP ~ Reconsideration or Change Of Circumstances

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PIP ~ Reconsideration or Change Of Circumstances

Postby trigger » Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:56 am

Long story short

I am getting PIP stander rate care, scored no points for mobility, they twisted everything. did ring to ask for them to do a M/R.
But the guy on the other end upset me, a point i did not send anything back for fear of losing my money. What i would like to now is they sent me a later saying that the neck problem i had, was not but on the form i sent in. so i was wondering can i send in a change of condition
for my neck ?

I have Spondylitis in C6 to C3 and C4 has slipped forward so hanging over C5 with bone growth.
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Re: PIP ~ Reconsideration or Change Of Circumstances

Postby macca » Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:26 pm

Hi, write to them and request a supercession of the current decision providing additional information, as if you ask for a reconsideration they will only re-look at what they already have from you.

A supercession involves considering whether a revised decision can be arrived at considering new information, i.e. to superceed the current decision.

DWP's reaction to that is of course not predictable but best of luck.

Hope that helps.

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