Dismissed from work

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Dismissed from work

Postby scottydog » Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:13 pm

Hi all

Had an email from work to say that, after our meeting, I have been dismissed from my job and last day of service is 18 February which is just before my significant birthday. Can't believe that it's finally over. The positive I can find is that at least I know before Xmas. Haven't heard about the PIP decision but it's early days yet.

I have mixed feelings about losing my job and do miss my colleagues and being at work. Not to mention the lack of Xmas dos this year. It is very quiet and will just be OH and me this year. Ill health retirement was refused, hence the dismissal decision, as CAPITA said I will be having treatment therefore I should be able to work before my retirement date. I hope I will get better but, on bad days, it doesn't feel possible.

The referral to St James has been tied up with red tape so still waiting. I am pinning all my hopes on being accepted.

We had 2 nights away but couldn't get out to see the sights because of fatigue and pain. If we can go again, and we can afford it, we would like to go for longer. Then maybe I will have some energy to get out.

I am still trying to get over the break. I have yet to ice my Xmas cake and looks like my OH will be doing that this year.

Hope everyone is coping with Xmas preparations OK. It's a bit of a nightmare in the shops and I am still ticked off with being jostled around and people on mobile phones!!!
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