PIP Assessment coming up, advice please.

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PIP Assessment coming up, advice please.

Postby alisonbarlow1970 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:59 pm


I have my first ever PIP assessment on 27th of this month and I am just wondering exactly what I can expect and what I need to take with me. My husband is coming to support me and as a witness should I need it.

My biggest worry is that some days I am capable of most things but most of the time I need help with little things like putting on socks,cooking etc. What if the day of assessment is one of my better days??
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Re: PIP Assessment coming up, advice please.

Postby LYNNDPB » Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:33 pm

From my experience with the work capability test if u turn up and are breathing u are 200 percent fit
The fact I was in extreme pain didn't enter into it if I said I went upstairs and but it caused pain etc etc meant I had admitted I could do it with out issue and on a continuos basis
I am so angry it all beggars belief
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Re: PIP Assessment coming up, advice please.

Postby Charmed » Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:58 pm

Hi Alison,

A witness is an excellent idea...

I remember thinking the same thing when I was first to be assessed for DLA, I worried so much about it before hand I was in a full blown flare by the time I got there. The first ATOS assessment I encountered went well, the doctor asked me questions on how my condition affects my daily life... Yet for some reason ticked ALL of the opposite boxes, stating I was coping well :roll: :roll: :roll:

It took nearly a year to take the DWP to tribunal... I won!!!!

Now, 12 months later, I had to claim PIP :crazy: I had my assessment on Monday. ATOS once again THE JOY! But a totally different format. This time it was done by a male nurse who basically went through the whole claim form again, typing my answers on his pc. I dare say this was to compare the two sets of answers.

Totally fed up of having to prove myself over and over again. I am to get the result in 4 to 8 weeks, a worrying time indeed. :-?

Good luck x
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Re: PIP Assessment coming up, advice please.

Postby alisonbarlow1970 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:13 pm

Thank you for your replies. I had my assessment yesterday and have to say the lady who did it was really nice.She said she had dealt with a lot of people who suffered from fibromyalgia and understood how it affects people and how difficult it can be. I just hope this wasn't a ploy to make me feel more comfortable(i've heard it can be) not that I could have felt comfortable as I wasn't having a great day. She didn't make me do some of the physical examinations as she could, see I was in a great deal of pain instead she demonstrated certain things/positions and asked which if any I could do. She did check for strength in my arms,legs and hands and said it was quite obvious I had little strength in my right side at all which is supposed to be my dominant side. She said the only thing that could,in her experience, hinder my claim is that I still manage to work, but did say that as my work have lots of things in place to assist me she hoped it would work in my favour.
So now I await the dreaded envelope dropping through the door. I am hoping it will come quite quickly, I only sent my application off on 1st Nov. so was surprised at the speed of the assessment coming through having heard of some people waiting nearly a year for theirs. I do hope the decision maker is as quick and with their decision and that it is a favourable one.
Fingers crossed, well they are in my head as I can't quite manage it physically.
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