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Re: working.

Postby Zia2014 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:07 pm

I was full time but had a flare up and reduced to 20 hours per week. I was okay doing that but unable to function outside of that so had no life really. I was fixed term, finished in October and have since been offered one job (only a short term contract) which I turned down, the reason being that I am having hydro, physio, cbt, dentist stuff and doing a pain management clinic, as well as a writing course.

I simply can't do anything else at the moment, having just had another flare, and I'm just taking this time to come to terms with my diagnosis and limitations, get the appointments out of the way and then focus on finding a part time job.

There are very few part time roles in my field but I am hoping that something will come up, as doing work does give me a focus and I would be incredibly bored if I had nothing to do. Ideally I'd stay at home and be a writer, but that doesn't exactly pay very well unless you're JK Rowling!!
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Re: working.

Postby dazzleship » Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:25 pm

I work 37.5 hours per week in an office. I love my job and would hate to give it up, I'm determined to stay at work despite having both fibro and hypermobility syndrome/ehlers danlos. not to mention hubby and I literally can't afford for me to give up work!

I even enjoy the drive to work cos I can listen to music in my little car and it's a fairly easy commute now I have an automatic car (much less tiring than a manual).

I am lucky that my career is office based because I think that is one of the reasons why I have been able to stay at work because if I had a more physically demanding job I really don't think I'd manage. I am also lucky that my employers are understanding and want to help.
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Re: working.

Postby fletchy68 » Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:12 pm

I work 2 days a week as a midwife but have a 3 hour round trip - I'm really starting to struggle with both the travelling and being able to do my job
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Re: working.

Postby Doughnut » Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:23 pm

I haven't been able to work for 6 years now. I got forced into redundancy by my company as I was always taking time off and due to the pain messing with my memory I cost them about 10k in charges due to me mucking up despatches etc. I then worked part time for about a month and then got sacked due to ill health and mistakes again... so I went to my GP and he diagnosed me with Fibro and put me on the sick.

I miss working so much, miss the independance and the social aspect. More so now that I find it hard going out and spend 95% of my time at home.

Lets hope we get a good medication come along for Fibro soon to help get me back to work and some kind of independance.

D x
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