Time to wait before assessment for ESA

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Re: Time to wait before assessment for ESA

Postby UnderSiege » Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:10 am


I don't know if you'll view this as pertinent to the post at all but I remember a couple of years ago about the time ISA turned into ESA (or however it worked... tbh I find life is too short to concentrate on the DWP's varying brands of bs when I can barely concentrate on the TV...)
Anyway, I had an appointment with ATOS (that's 'a t***er') in Reading so I limped and staggered all the way there from Egham only to be shooed away as they'd 'done their daily quota' despite the fact I had a f****** appointment... whuh?
If they had no intention of seeing me then why did they make me go all the way there? Some kind of test? Adding a few more quid onto the benefits bill so IDS and Osborne can bitch about it?

So, my best mate wasn't pleased about it because it had stopped the one day a month we get to meet up (he works for Thames Valley Police btw, doing investigations and making up the court reports etc and is mega busy with loads of ot and a 3 yr old boy)
He decides to accompany me for the next appointment anyway so I get driven to the road that the office is on, when we go in and are told I might not get seen again he has 'words' with them, letting them know he's a Police worker, and when I get into the interview and they look sceptical he literally tore them a new a***hole... It was all I could do to not laugh! Especially seeing as for the first few years the GP had me signed off the imbeciles at the JC/DWP insisted I still be on JSA which ended with me broke, in debt and homeless (because I couldn't take the jobs they offered and so defaulted...)
All these muppets need some lessons teaching imho... with baseball bats... all over... or maybe injections of a major inflammatory in all their muscles... Heheheh.

Anyway, I'm off now to plot more vengeance on those who exacerbate my ills...

Have a good one!
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