Help, can I attend a course??

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Help, can I attend a course??

Postby Tamm1 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:43 am

Hi there I'm currently on ESA support Group and PIP, however I've been waiting 4 weeks for the results of my first PIP review which is causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. Especially when I see a brown envelope land on my doorstep : (

But that's not why I need help. I don't go out at all anymore except for appointments and the rare quick trip to shop. I really want to try get out a little and would like to try a drawing class at the adult education centre only two hours a week for ten weeks. I already know I probably won't make every class depending on my symptoms but I need to try. Is this allowed??? I'm so scared to ring DWP in case they get the wrong idea. I can't get an appointment with my local CAB in time before enrolment and can't find anything online.

Can anyone help? Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Thank you, Tammi xx
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Re: Help, can I attend a course??

Postby Gracious » Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:02 pm

Whenever I have wanted to attend a small college or gym course, I have obtained a letter from my GP or Psychologist or Pain Clinic, stated that this was a recommendation for my general health and mental well being in the interest of preventing worsening symptoms and its always been accepted. But only for offical courses, not drop in short courses. I'd tell my GP about all of them so he has a on record, just as a wee back up, but also so he can monitor symptom changes that could be a result of the increased activity.

There are local drop in art classes to me and a few years back I would attend as and when I felt my body could manage. It was a 2 hour class by I only managed an hour, sometimes an hour and half, till my pain overwhelmed me (my fibro really affects my hands, arms, upper body and back) but it got me motivated to go out, be around people, be human and creative work is a great outlet and release, plus very mindful and meditative too. I only advised my doctor and pain psychologist.

Its difficult not to worry about all this, you can fee really trapped being on benefits, as if your not allowed to do a thing to be able to receive this help. All the present day press and scaremoungering doesnt help. But if your doing this to prevent further deterioration of your condition and especially your mental well being, they have never questioned me on anything so far.

I've done 8 week mindfulness courses that were tougher to manage physically than an art class. I never once felt I needed to contact DWP to approve my attendance for these, just telling my GP, as it falls into treatment for my health and well being.

A simple phone call to CAB would confirm this and if you were to say to your GP what you wrote here, the reason for why your trying to do this, they will provide full support and encouragement.

Hope this is of some help

With loving kindness
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