War veterans and DWP (ATOS)

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War veterans and DWP (ATOS)

Postby TheHud » Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:55 am


The more I look at this the worse it becomes so thought I may try my trump card before any decision is made.

I was disabled (invalided they called it) out of the Navy back in 1983 as medically unfit for naval service following a failed experimental op on my right knee. Both knees and my shoulders had been designated as, well worn out and the reason was military service. I was awarded 6-14% disability and grant.

Over the years I had a very successful career and did not want to jeopardise that by saying anything was wrong with me. Became an issue near the end, falling over is a give away. Plus the image of my chosen vocation managers was lean, mean fighting machines, well racket ball players and gym dwellers, I think I was possibly the only actual fighting machine in the group ;)

So today I contacted the veterans line and they are sending a review form because I am already on the system stating the condition is expected to deteriorate. It is only my right knee that is the disability award although the other knee etc damaged, I opted for exit from the RN rather than let them try a knee replacement on me (yet more experimenting back in 1883) and opted against a left knee re-alignment etc.

However, now ATOS have the lead (still ATOS apparently) I wish I had done this years ago. Looks like war veterans get a raw deal too even when damaged in service. This is a massive document following the whole ESA etc applications and challenges but there is some very interesting points, advice/guidance and notes.


Will keep you updated.
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