Tribunal for support group! good news

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Tribunal for support group! good news

Postby Mazz64 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:00 pm

I had my assessment for ESA in October 2014, I found out in Feb/March that i was put in WRAG, when i was called to jobcentre to do WRA.

I appealed after my MR was rejected, to tribunal. I had the Tribunal on Friday last.

I have Fibromyalgia and mental health issues. My suppoet worker came with me.

It was two ladies that heard the case, i was in there about 15 minutes, they we very nice and had read my letters and ESA form well.

They asked mostly about my mental health, but at the end the judge went on to describe the problems I have with Fibro, she seemed very knowlegable about Fribro and agreed with all the symptoms i had descriibed. The Dr asked some questions, but not many. They asked my support worker a few questions also

We were asked to wait outside and 5 minutes later were called back, saying they agree I should have been put in the support group, the judge said if i was called for assessment any earlier than 2 years from todays date to phone them up and tell them your not to be assessed for 2 years, as sometimes they will call you earlier, but don't fill a form in, any difficultys send them the letter in front of you, so keep that safe and do photocopies of it, she said I can only do it for 2 years.

I couldn't believe it! I would encourage anyone to appeal if they are unhappy with the out come of their assessment.

It's very stressful leading up to it and on the day, but now i can concentrate on my health issues for a few years, I was awarded PIP, standered rate for both in April, for 4 years, with out Tribunal.

I realise i have been very lucky and wish everyone going down this route the very best of luck
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Re: Tribunal for support group! good news

Postby trotter » Sun Jul 12, 2015 3:15 pm

that is good news .
i was awarded standard rate for care PIP two weeks ago nothing for mobility not sure what to do as i work for a charity part-time struggle with that so am not able to claim anything else
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Re: Tribunal for support group! good news

Postby Mazz64 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:25 pm

Hi trotter.
How long did they award it for? It is difficult to decide what to do, it's all so stressful.

This was the third time I applied for ESA, twice i went to tribunal and was put in WRAG, third time i was put in WRAG without tribunal, but as my health had got worse, i decided to for the support group.

I was very suprised with my PIP result, but delighted not to have to go to tribunal.

Perhaps if it's just for 12 months, it might be worth waiting for a reassessment and see what you get then, if nothing for mobility appeal, if you got it for longer than the 12 months, it maybe worth appealing, it's very stressful, waiting for tribunal but maybe worth it in the end.

Just think carefully about it and if you have a welfare rights officer at your local council, get in touch and ask for their help.

I wish you well whatever you decide
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