ATOS handbook, interpretation help please

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ATOS handbook, interpretation help please

Postby noohoo » Tue Jul 14, 2015 12:52 pm

I hope I can condense this post enough.
I have FMS and Polycythemia Ruba Vera, with the JAK2 gene mutation, therefore primary polycythemia.
I receive PiP at enhanced rate for both Care and Mobility. I have just had my decision regarding ESA and told I scored 0 points, so that stops from today. I will request a reconsideration and go to tribunal is I have to.
I just started reading the ATOS handbook that was kindly linked on another post.
My ESA assessment focussed on my FMS, it does affect me considerably more and PRV was only mentioned in the passing. However, with the Polycythemia, I do have problems and take daily chemotherapy medication in capsule form. This is a quote from the ATOS handbook;
the effects of oral chemotherapy can be as debilitating as other types of chemotherapy.

myeloproliferative disorders such as myelofibrosis may be considered eligible.
Polycythemia is a myeloprolific disorder.
It is likely for the vast majority of individuals undergoing the above treatments for cancer, it would not be reasonable that they should undertake work or work-related activity.

Is the operative word here cancer? It seems contradictory to me that they accept oral chemotherapy and myeloprolific disorders are eligible.

I'm currently trying to figure out what extra information I can provide for the reconsideration. Can anyone advise if I could site the above?
Thank you in advance for reading this far.
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