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Postby happychicken » Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:51 pm

i have fibro on a daily basis my symptoms are moderate and for 2 weeks out of the months i seem to flare up to severe symptoms pain in joints, shakes, palpations, dizziness, ibs severe and so on....

i guess i cope during the moderate stage and become a recluse during the other times

how do people keep a job if you are so up and down?

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Re: workin

Postby bandj » Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:07 pm


I was working full time when I was diagnosed with fibro. I'm also my disabled hubby's sole carer. I cyt my hours down last summer but things got really bad towards the end of the year. I was diagnosed with angina which didn't help matters. All I was doing was working and sleeping. I had no energy for anything else.
I was signed off at the end of January and applied for ill health retirement. I've just heard that that has been refused. Nowvthey are looking into whether they can let me go on sickness grounds which would at least give me pay in lieu of notice.
I worry about money and how we will manage but I just couldn't keep going any longer. My manager has been great and I really appreciate her support in this. She's always saying she wondered how I kept going.
At least now I'm off work I can hopefully get the pain under better control, pace myself so I don't just flake out, enjoy my hobbies again, look after hubby better and improve my mobility. Big wish list but anythings possible!
I don't know if that's of sny help to you but it helped me to write it! Thank you for letting me 'talk' about it.
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Re: workin

Postby UnderSiege » Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:57 pm

Hi Happychicken.

I don't keep a job and I don't see myself as being as badly affected as many on these forums are... The pain and fatigue etc alone I can deal with but the real problem is my family and their arrogant, ignorant, sneering, bullying ways... The stress and anxiety cranks everything up.
In an ideal world I'd get my life and self together and get working again a little at least though I'd need retraining and at 38 not much chance of help with that (as far as I've been led to believe)
The main issue with work (and socialising etc) is, family aside, the variability of this whole awful Fibro deal and how unreliable it can make me. The game can change massively in a matter of an hour or two. That's the killer right there...

Have a good one.

PS: Funny coincidence there... I was a carer for my mother's great aunt when the symptoms of Fibro started making themselves known. I didn't know what had hit me...
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Re: workin

Postby SchroedingersCat » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:04 pm

I'm not so up and down I can't function, still work full time. Never thought about stopping, well, other than because I dislike my job and have other things I'd rather be doing, but not because of FM.
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