Ill health retirement

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Ill health retirement

Postby brawny » Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:15 pm

Thank you to those that gave me advice the other week. I had seen the OCH doctor who wrote a report. I asked for it to be corrected which he did but then he went on to change other parts of it. I have again asked for changes to be made but he has said he stands by what he's written and will not change anything else. I spoke to my union rep who advised me to allow the report to go to my employer (my Head teacher I presume as I work in school) but to ask them to attach a statement saying I don't agree with parts of the report. What do I put in the statement - I am finding as I write it it is just a replica of what I've said to the doctor but in statement form rather than a letter. Is this what they mean by write a statement? Not sure if that maks sense....sorry!
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Re: Ill health retirement

Postby Tired18 » Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:05 pm

I had a similar experience with OC Health (The Doctor told me to take early retirement) then refused to mention it in the Ill health retirement forms. I spoke at length to my GP, who completed the medical section of the form [I Supplied 2 medical reports], The union gave me a letter that outlined what had to be in the report, and what wording to use. I retired from teaching 3 years ago now, My application took about a week. If I can find a copy of the letter, I will let you know.

Good Luck
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Re: Ill health retirement

Postby lforrester » Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:41 pm

I am also trying to get ill health retirement and work in a school. I used to teach in the nursery but had to come out 7 years ago due to my Fibro. I am off work at the moment and have worked as the Inclusion officer got the last 2 years. Since our school has become an academy I am mainly doing a desk job which has made my Fibro worse. Could you give me advice on how to go about putting in for this as the school have said that they need me back in full time in September. As I have been ding 3 days a week under the advice of my doctor. I know I will not be able to do this. Would It be better if I went on long term sick for 6 months before putting in for Ill Health retirement. Or just trying to go in for it now. My rheumatologist has said that I would be a lot better if I took early retirement and says he will support me in this. Any advice would be really appreciated. The stress of worrying about it is making me worse. Thanks Linda x
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