PIP & Home Adaptations

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PIP & Home Adaptations

Postby Kerret » Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:01 am

Have any of you had adaptations made to your home to assist you with coping with your fibro? Access Point (Adult Social Care Services) are installing an aid to assist me in getting in/ out of the bath and also in/ out of bed. I am just in the process of applying for PIP and wondering, if you had adaptations made, if these helped towards you applications – or if you think they helped.

Also not sure if I should wait until these adaptations have been made, and I have an up-to-date medical report from my GP, to start the PIP process.
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Re: PIP & Home Adaptations

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:50 pm

Personaly... No. The more aids and adaptions the more you can alone be able to do things. The PIP is all about people assisting and supporting you. If you have aids and adaptions that you can use by yourself then this may not count in the care side. You would have thought so but as said its all about what care some one gives to you on a daily basis.

So what you then have to explain is that without these aids and adaptions you would need the help. Also add if you still need help by someone to use the aids and adaptions and if the aids and adaptions cause other problems that some one needs to assist you with.

Otherwise they will say that with the adaptions you are able to wash and bathe alone and able to get in and out of bed alone (thus requiring no care)
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