Capability for work interview

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Capability for work interview

Postby brawny » Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:51 pm

Well it's been a long time guys. Believe it or not I applied for esa two years ago and never had assessment. As I was CB esa I've had no money for a year. Well I moved houses and counties and it seems to have triggered an assessment - I now wonder if I was forgotten. Id rang twice and was told I'm on the list. Well today I have had the assessment. I have fibro and a task specific dystonic tremor which has deteriated a lot of the two years. I actually wasn't in a good way today and halfway through the assessment the assessor said I'm stopping the assessment and need to make a phone call. She left the room and returned about five minutes later - by the time she returned I was very upset (my sister was with me) the assessor returned said I just want to check couple of things which was put my hands behind my head, get hold of her finger which with the tremor looks hilarious and she asked me to push my legs against her hand. That was the end of the assessment. My question is why did she stop the sister said its because she can see you can't manage and has decided enough is enough. Anyone got any thoughts on this please.
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Re: Capability for work interview

Postby andrew623 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:40 am

Hi Brawny,

My brother had an assessment stopped midway through. The HCP said it was because we had told her that further medical investigations were pending, then he would have to be called back after these had been done. This was about 2 years ago mind and no recall yet.

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