Funded care now costs me £155 per wk

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Funded care now costs me £155 per wk

Postby Sals » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:01 pm

To save you reading the waffle below my question is:
Have any of you now been asked to make contributions towards your care? Did you appeal? Did appealing work? Is it worth the effort and the stress?

If I don't have PA's coming in any more I will be a burden to my family again, which I really don't want but neither do I have much choice. I don't have £600 plus spare a month

I really don't want to but feel I must appeal, the thing is nothing will have changed so the out come will be the same won't it?

Apparently they have changed their criteria for funded care. I'm 47 on ESA DLA and I own my home, live on my own and have 3 cats.

For the last 2 years my care has been paid for by the council, they are currently paying for my life line to, which I'm very grateful for, my PA's are wonderful.

I get reassessed yearly, and have always met their criteria for funding. I have 2 hrs a day of care (expected on weekends when I have 2hrs over the whole weekend)
the care company charge £17 per hr and are exceptional. They do general household bits and bobs to. One of them does a couple of hr extra cleaning for me every month which I pay her cash for.

I just don't know what to do or where to turn

PS: sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section I wasn't sure where here or Doc's and Health services
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Re: Funded care now costs me £155 per wk

Postby Sals » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:09 pm

hi Lisa
Yes I'm with social services.

Nothing has changed in my life it's a case of them moving the goal posts, I've had enough to be honest. It takes a toll have to press and practically beg for help and then there's appeals, omg it's just never ending.

Yeah my PA's took me shopping and just take me out for a walk around the green, my cats always come too (not shopping). I love the outside.

Still I have family thats more than a lot of people.

My incomings are the same as last years assessment and I have no savings. This is going to have such a devastating effect on me losing the care, still life sucks and I was just wondering if anyone else had been through this and could offer some advice.

The criteria that has changed is they no longer deduct, life-line, adjustable beds, stairlifts and there was something else but I can't remember what it was!!

Thank you for replying to me *hugs*
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