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Postby shadow » Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:24 am

After a particularly bad few days my doctor has signed me off work for at least a week and referred me to see the rheumatologist, can anyone tell me what to expect from this appointment? What will they want to know and or do?? I am a bit wary that they will prod and poke me in all the painful places which will be very unpleasant :oops:

She also put me on sleeeping tablets. gave me 28 of them and said take for 3-4 days then miss 3-4 days then take again. Anyone else been on sleeping tablets and did they work?


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Postby claire edwards » Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:28 pm

Hi Shadow
Seeing the rheumy shouldnt be too bad, from my experience anyway, they will have to examine you but, i found, they asked questions, it certainly wasnt anything to worry about...
I take nortriptyline at night to help me to sleep and to relax my muscles during the night, i have found they help me to an extent but i can still take hours to get to sleep and not feel as if i have slept when i wake up.
hope this helps.
take care
claire :)
Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it would be good to hear from people as a form of support and to support.
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