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Postby cherryblossom » Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:26 pm

Hi All. I'm feeling very sore and down at the moment. I had to have an urgent dental appointment this morning as one of my front teeth's crown (cap?) came off. It was originally a bad tooth so they took the bad bit off and cemented a new 'lookalike' to the root. Well, 10 yrs later it broke. So my lovely dentist said the whole root had to come out! :yikes: So before I could change my mind it was numbed and ready for assault. And boy did it not want to come out :shock: ! He said it's a shame the tooth wasn't as strong as the root! My root was hook shaped so didn't come out as easily as hoped. Twenty minutes later and the deed was done! I go back next week for impressions to be made then a couple or so weeks later for it to be put in.

It's very sore and bruised but what I'm most embarrassed about at the moment is that I can't smile! If I do there's this huge ugly looking bruised gap! As it's right in the front it shows loads. I'm not known for being straightfaced all the time and I feel so self conscious of it, I keep putting my hand in front of my mouth to hide it, it's awful! So I guess I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself, I know tomorrow it will set off worse fibro repercussions so I'm dreading it and we're meant to be helping son and partner move into their new home this week! Oh well, never mind, such is life! Sorry for boring you all, just fed up with not being able to smile and I had to cancel choir practice as I can't pronounce everything properly at the moment :cry: !Anyway, take care all. Cherry :hugs: :blowkiss:
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Re: Dentists!

Postby Sazzle » Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:02 pm

Hello Cherry

I am a newb here but get very wibbly myself at the dentist so you have my sympathies. Have a virtual hug if that is not deemed too forward for a newb! Am a huggy person with some people and apparently I "give good hug". Just be kind to yourself the next few days, well as much as you can. Missing choir practice must suck, I love singing and when I can't sing for whatever reason I get so frustrated. Singing makes me happy. Not being able to sing gives me the sads.

Anyways have another hug. :hugs:
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