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Re: hobbies

Postby Lucy & Her Lurchers » Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:20 am

cat123 wrote:hi lucy,thats really nice work! Iloved it because Ive never seen anyone put pictures up before on here.that dog looks like my friends whippet called some more.Any how how on earth have you put pics on?If you tell me ,i will put pics of my dogs on,Ive got a tea cup chihuahua,and 2 cross belguim,border collies.And 2 pussy cats,and old boris the corn snake.The snakes my hubbys,i hate them!Did jeanne fix you up with a penfriend in the usa?Hope so! take care lucy, cat

Thankyou! i will do some more when i get a little better - the cartoon-like ones can take anything from 3 hours to 8/9 :shock: but fibro fog, and my extremely weak hands means i cant concentrate for long enough and my hand isnt steady enough :( (i did all of those a while ago...well i didnt the top one last week but since then have got very much worse)

Re: penfriend - indeed she did :) I am awaiting my second email from my new friend :)

RE: Photo posting: ill make a topic on it as its quite hard to explain.

Lucy x
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Re: could anyone answer my questions?

Postby Lucy & Her Lurchers » Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:29 am

jackie mum wrote: :?: i have m.e and fm,i did right before,but did'nt put these as questions,you may have answered the same questions before, so sorry if i trail up old ground i am new!!!!

does anyones face swell (checks,eyes,sides of face) mine does
does anyones neck and throat swell,very hard to swollow most days
does anyone have cramped muscles in there face and neck and find it hard to breathe??????????

please please reply!!!!! just feel something else is wrong with me have other symtoms that don't seem related,just started with them over last 12mths,have had m.e and fm for 5years.

lol jackie xoxo

i havent had any swelling of the face or found it hard to breathe, but my throat (well glands) used to swell quite alot, however i am prone to things like tonsilitis and have always gone to my GP who has said it was tonsilitis ot flaringitis/laringitis whatever it is :lol: and all except once last year it cleared up quickly with antibiotics, one time it took 2/3 weeks for me to overcome whatever was wrong.

alot of people i have heard from that have FM suffer food allergies/intolerances, which could be causing the swellings. best consult your GP i think. alhtough wait for some more replies as i was only diagnosed with FM a few weeks ago and dont know much about it or ME.

Lucy x
Lucy & Her Lurchers


Postby cat123 » Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:13 am

hi jackie,just a note to say ive never had these swelling,very stiff neck yes.but thats me.See if anyone else writes,forum quiet to night.we are all so differant,everyones sympoms are really differant,lucy is right ,ask your dr again.maybe its a reaction to tablets.but i have known others talk of face swelling.dr knows best i think. take
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Postby helen virgo » Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:30 pm

Hi Jackie

I hope people reply to you but you may need to start your own thread as people may not look in this one.

I do have some problems with swollen cheeks and just lately seem to have a permanent grotty throat but not sure its fms.

Hope you not too bad today

Helen x
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