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Reporting to the Mods

Postby denys » Mon Jun 09, 2014 2:11 pm

If you come across any post or a pm which is upsetting in any way please report it to the moderators. DO NOT try to sort the problem out yourself or start a discussion about it. We can remove a post or part of a post but the longer it has gone on the harder it is to remove things without messing up the thread. Sometimes misunderstandings occur but it is better for one of the mods to look in to it before things get out of hand. the Moderators that are currently available to contact are *Lisa* and perseus

Discussions can lead to arguments; how would you feel if you were looking for a forum where you could get help with your FM problems and find friends who understand your condition and came on here to see a row going on between members? Lets keep this a happy welcoming place.

As said Report it to the Moderators and we will deal with it.

If you do report something then please don't keep letting us know. We can only do things so fast an sometimes things need longer to fix. We all have FM too and aren't always on everyday although we do try and have at least one of us around.

Some things will need to be discussed not only between ourselves but with Admin as well. This can take time and a lot of pm's so sending more pm's while we are trying to deal with an issue can cause us even more stress and problems.

We are only human, but if you have reported something then we haven't forgotten, somethings just take a while I'm afraid.

Also, once a decision is made, that's it. We are not going to change our minds.

Thank you.

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