yucky col weather

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yucky col weather

Postby animalhouse » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:23 am

why is it so cold, its like autumn. :-o

i feel so sore in my back and wrists still killing me. still having to wear support bandages even though i tried not to when i got back from hols.

they are just so painful.

just want to wrap myself up in a ball and turn heat pack on in bed - can hear it calling me.

just trying to do some work first with little man then wcan justify a "play time" and i can nip upstairs for a warm. :(

dd2 missed her bus again so i had to take her wasn't happy to be getting up at half past 8 need my time to get myself together in morning and loosen up abit from stiffness.

good for me to try with cbt exercises that is my local route i have to practise but wish she would snap out of it and get back into school mode - or are we making it too easy for her - trouble is if i said she had to take another non school bus don;t think she would go.

can feel my head getting heavy as e :sleep: :sleep: played bowling on wii as we try and do some wii stuff before work to wake our brains up but nopw i have sat down i feel :sleep: .

must stay awake to at least do some work with him then can get dd1 to do some buns wiht him again when she gets up. :-D

even bottoms of my feet are sore and can feell it creeping up to my hips.
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